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I'm thinking that Dr. Strange did an old Vulcan "Remember" with Black Panther before whisking them away. While it could be related to the send away spell, I wouldn't be surprised he had a trick or two up his sleeve. Also, Doom being Doom, I'm not sure if this was the only time Doom vaporized Strange.

Still, this was a good read. The idea that Doom's dream is that he have a family with Sue says a lot about the man and how brittle he actually is. It reminds me of the first time he stole the power of the first "Beyonder" and lost it due to his lack of confidence - that like Thanos said - he wasn't sure he was "god".

Also, I don't think Doom "creates" people, these are the remnants of the multiverse that he "saved" somehow, before they were completely wiped from existence.

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The Fantastic Four used to be a sad, boring book that just didn't matter. Hickman has done a wonderful job to make this title a must read and this issue punctuates his work.