Collector-itis Is Taking Hold!

I think have a bizarre need to complete collections. It's not quite a compulsion but it doesn't seem far off. I cannot help myself, I suppose... After getting back into comics 18 months ago or so, I've contracted full-blown case of collector-itis.

I've got a solid collection of books I'm really enjoying on my pull-list but this goes a bit beyond that. So, say I have Uncanny X-Men Uncanny X-Men #464 and Uncanny X-Men #467 (because I do), I feel the need to own Uncanny X-Men Uncanny X-Men #465 and Uncanny X-Men #466. And when I have them, everything that proceeded Uncanny X-Men #464 won't be far behind (it may be a bit behind because, you know, I got bills and stuff).

I'm sure I'm not alone in this affliction. Perhaps, I can start a club or rehab... When I'm done reading through Inferno.