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I say that canine misfit is innocent until proven guilty! :p

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Not pointing fingers at all, just wondered why it was different. :)

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Keep up the good work

hmmm, i have heard this before, so familiar hmmmmm. :P

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Absolutely Love it! You are coming along great Artiom, your art is more polished and the colors you choose at times are mesmerizingly great. If that's even a word. :p

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This is a great outline that you shared and one that we all need to keep in mind.

I think he is at a stage where its all starting to sink in. It's not as important now until he starts to really move forward if he keeps at it. I am always careful to not overwhelm anyone, specially since we all are at different levels.

Always try and point out the positives that you see and then point out 1 or 2 things that may need some work on. I would like everyone to keep sharing what they are working on, if they feel a negative vibe they may not do so as much. Sharing can be motivating and helps to spur growth and improvement.

On my end I don't know his age but I think he is doing great and he likes anatomy. :D

Anatomy I am a firm believer is key to learning to draw almost everything. The easier and better it becomes to an artist the better we become as a whole. You like anatomy too and I can see that you will do just fine.

I believe that on your end you have been drawing for a while, from some of the things you have written. Are you British or Australian? Maybe not on either one, just thought I would ask. :p

I have, as we all do, so much to learn as an artist.

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Samsung phones have great screens but tend to over saturate color. The green on her chin screamed at me. :p

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Thanks Boo, I may be crazy but not clueless when I see my own handiwork. hehe... :)

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@shatterstar: @fiesty_badger6:

Not complaining just was curious. I saw it first on my phone then I looked closer on my screen at home.

I figured maybe there was image degradation on the drawing if it was resized.

Heres what I see and this is on more than one monitor.

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My vote was cast for Fiesty, I think he did a great job and deserves "the" votes, if not I would not even have cast one.

Fiesty did you bring out the crayolas on mine? Why does she seem to have a green mark on her chin. I don't remember adding green there. :p

I love these poll vote threads, so much easier to manage but because of an "individual" always being skeptical in the past, I felt like it was better to keep them pacified by doing it the old fashioned way.

What that individual doesn't seem to understand, winning is not the reason I enter these. Just the the theme or character and practice with the deadline is my main reason that I join any contest. :)

Trying to figure out why there's subtle differences on the version you posted from the one I posted earlier. Mostly noticeably on the two panels with her in them, on her neck the shadows are different and the middle bottom panel the colors are gone on her outfit.

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Yes and thats why I wrote:

Look into each shape and find the next shape within another shape within another shape.

For some reason as I mentioned artists get overwhelmed by detail but detail itself is just as easy.

Each shape has a shape or shape that become the whole. Don't look at it as the detail within but the next shapes within. When you trigger that mentally then everything will be much easier, the simplification of it should solve the problem easily but I think we keep looking at it as detail and not as the smaller shapes within shape.

I know because although I knew this, as I mentioned, it did not sink in for a very long time.


Hey man that's great. I was hoping Keroga would have something else coming but it does say first draft on his. Did not want to move on without his but it really looks like there's not much to use as an entry piece at this point.

We where discussing shapes. Perspective is a whole nother ball game. Glad you threw that up there. Good outline on that but too much too soon can be nerve racking for some, maybe most off us artists in the early stages of practice. :p