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People are just quick to hop on bandwagons the movie was far from bad. It was enjoyable I actually like it very much. Let go of the past if the would've the updates made total sense. Shredders upgrade was justifiable because how big the brothers were. You guys throw around character development thinking you know what me means. Ralph wasn't the most he just didn't get captured and had a nice freeing moment at the end. Mikey was the most developed, but I felt Donny and Ralph were developed just the same. We all have visions of what these guys personalities are like. Leo was the least developed if you ask me, but most leaders in movies/tv are, come on we all know the red ranger had no development (hahaha power rangers) also April was ok to me she wasn't a typical women character in movies. She was strong and a do'er she didn't sit and wait for help. Splinter was the only thing i disliked only his Cg but his fighting oh man that tail was epic. Shredder was really the bad guy u have movies were the big bad is beat easily in the end and not really a threat this dude FAWK it was painful to watch how much butt kicking he was dishing out. Overall it was good lets give it a chance cause lets be honest batman begins sucked as well

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@agent_prince said:

I still find Hawkeye to be very overrated. 10 issues and it has failed to grab me. Dropping this

It is overrated.It's ok imo.But far from great.

I must agree with you guys. I read it today. I dont see anything great about this issue. I kinda enjoy the title but overall most of these issue have been average at best and people just seem to hop on its bang wagon as if it was best comic of the year. I still like this title even though i have the urged to give it the middle finger

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man loving this series. I dont even pick up DC comics anymore, but this this my friends is a jewel to read every week. I personally think aquaman would have the upper hand in this situation if he didn't care for his people. the world is 70% water he could do alot of damage, but he's a good guy. BUt anyway this is great and it has got me wanted to buy the full game to see how this story turns out.

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man i hate marvel animations.

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today i would say wolverine and the xmen and young justice

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ever time i watch this show i find my self yelling "Y the FUCCCCCCKKK did they cancel this"

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uncanny xmen should have been one of the headlines CKYE VS CAP PART II

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who the fuck doesn't have a safety or something stashed in case all the shit hit the fan. Its has all the things he needs in case he was on his own and pictures and stuff to remember what he holds dear or use to. Was this article needed