Album Review "Green Day Dookie"

When i listen to "Dookie" i feel very sad, not because the album after "Dookie sucked. In fact it was pretty darn good, no really darn good. Not has good, but good in it's own right. Not even the album released after "Dookies" follow up, was bad. "Nimrod" was a very good effort. That proved that "Green Day" isn't a one trick pony, Isn't some band that was decent at one thing. Which that one thing is "Pop Punk" the album released after "Nimrod was "Warning" a much slower album, that when it was released in 2000. Most likely turned fans off, I can't say that, "Warning" is a good or bad album. [Mainly because i haven't listed to it], but what can say is. AMERICAN IDIOT IS THE ENDING POINT FOR THIS BAND. sorry about that, had a bit to many steroids today, but let's continue on my opinion. On this soul called "Modern Masterpiece", now am a man that tries to respect every body's opinion, but you cant tell me. That, "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown" are better then a actual, "Masterpiece" "Dookie". Which was released in 1994. on "Reprise Records" and was Produced by "Rob Cavallo". Now let's get in to "Dookie" [Which Like most people it's one of my favorite albums]. The first thing I want to say is, holy crap balls. The first track "Burnout" is one of my favorite first tracks on any album, and for me that's saying something. Basically most tracks on this album are great [With the exceptions of " Sassafras Roots" and "Emenius Sleepus"]. Which are only very good songs, but that doesn't stop "Dookie" from being a great album."Dookie" like really no other, "Pop Punk" album does the impossible, and isn't complete, and other garbage [JK]. I think the band besides "Green day" every body thinks about when they think "Pop Punk", is "Blink 182" [Which am not a fan of], but they are. The closest it gets to being a good, "Pop Punk" band besides, "Green Day" [Unless you consider early "Offspring" stuff "Pop Punk"] Now let's go back to, "Dookie". Now you can't have a album full of great songs, unless you have some great performances, and "Dookie" is no exception. With some of the most recognizable guitar riffs of the 90s, and with a great rhythm section. Make this a album that's full of great performances, and some catchy instrumentation. Another thing that's catchy about this album are the chorus's, some of these chorus's are some of. the most recognizable chorus's of the 90s. With songs like, "Welcome To Paradise" "Longview" " Basket Case" and "When I Come Around" which have been radio staples since this album was released, [and that's a good thing]. Really though some of the best songs on "Dookie" aren't the hits, that everybody knows. there the songs like, "Pulling Teeth" "She" and "F.O.D.". That are only just some of "Dookies" highlights. I cant really say "Dookie" has any "bad moments", because it is obvious. That "Dookie" was a labor of love for "Green Day", and even though albums like "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown". Might be, "Labors of love", they don't come close. To matching the ingeniousness of the early albums. That make those albums, "Masterpieces". And make, "Dookie" one of the greatest albums of all time. 9.5/10

Tell me what's your favorite, "Green Day album.


QOTW, "Most Favorite Underrated Albums Of All Time"

This question ties in with my first review, link down below. Where I talk about, and album that I think is "Underrated and overlooked", so I was wandering. What is your favorite, "Underrated album of all time" I cant really think of one right now, but maybe in a review. I will tall you, one of my "Favorite underrated albums of all time"


Album Review "Weezer's Maladroit"

"Weezer's" fourth album "Maladroit" is a often overlooked album, that I think people who are fans of "Weezer" really need to give a second chance. Now let's start with talking a little bit about, the album preceding this one "The Green Album." Which had more of a pop rock sound, while the album preceding "The Green Album" "Pinkerton" had more of a "low fi sound. That more resembled bands like "Pavement". The "Green Album" also was a lot more repetitive, then the albums before it. Which makes it my least favorite, out of the first three albums, which are considered the only great, "Weezer albums" [Which I disagree with] Okay now let's talk about "Maladroit" released in May 14, 2002. Now from the start of this album, with the track "American Gigolo" You can hear a more "Hard Rock" influence, that the band leading up to this point really didn't have, and really didn't continue. Which i can understand since, "Weezer is considered more has a "Pop Rock". I think if they stuck to the"Pop Hard Rock?" idea that was on this album, and improved it. Maybe the albums after "Maladroit" would be better. Because the albums after this [With the exception of a few tracks] really fell off. Which makes me wonder why, so many people think this album is where the "Crap starts". I think "Make Believe" is where the "Crap starts" which in comparison with "Maladroit" "Make Believe is a far worse album. Now don't get me wrong, not all the tracks on this album are, "Winners" tracks like, "Space Rock" and "Love explosion" are good songs, but just don't do it for me. Like tracks like "American Gigolo" "Dope Nose" and " burndt Jamb" do. Now let's talk about the production, a lot of fans of the old stuff will say stuff like, "It sounds like the guitar was busting all kindz of nuts in my ears" "It sounds like a baby fisted a donky" and "MY EFFING EARS", but in all seriousness. the production does sound a little overproduced, but at the time the "The Blue album" was released, people where most likely saying that, the album was "Overproduced." Another thing I what to talk about a little bit, before I cap this review. Is the lyrics, now the lyrics are not terrible, but they aren't great. Now keep in mine am no lyrics expert, but i think the lyrics on this album aren't that good. Now keep in mind, before, "The Green Album" there where great lyrics on "Pinkerton" , but once, "The Green Album" came out the Lyrics went down hill, and this album at most points is no exception. This album does share the very simplistic lyrics of "The Green Album", but at some points does have some pretty out there lyrics. Despite some my complaints, this album does succeed on being a great album, but there's to many small problems.That are keeping me from giving this album, the same love and respect I have for the first two albums. Overall am going to give this album 8.0/10

Keep in mind, this is my first review, so sorry if it's not in the best quality.