Lesson Learned

I used to when I was much younger. Over the years I have learned that not even the same artist may do the inside. Like when all the Image artist were hot. They would say cover by Jim Lee, in huge type and you would get all excited! Because sometimes your fanboy geek brain does not keep up with your real brain, and you read art by Jim Lee! Only to discover after purchase that the inside is done by some studio guy although not bad art its not what you paid for.

So the simple answer is no I do not judge a comic book by its cover.

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Nightwing for the Cowl.

I don't care if is obvious. I want NIGHTWING!! At least until Bruce comes back and says " Thanks Dick, but I can take it from here." At least that is what I want to happen. But knowing DC it will likely be Jason Todd. Here's to hoping I'm totally wrong on that point.

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