Why are there so much fans for the Joker?

You know, even a Mistah J obsessed slug like me, a long time ago, hated the Joker. I liked Harley very much and I knew he was unkind and violent to her. So, I simply hated him. But the question was:why does Harley love a monster like that?

Time passed and I was now more 'attracted' to Joker than to Harls. I still LOVE Harley, but it isn't the same as with Mr.J.

I'm glad that some people agree with me. Here there are the most frequent reasons why fans find him so interesting:

  1. He's the perfect antithesis of Batman. For people who like super evil villains, he's a must.

  2. He's funny. To do a really good Joker, the artist should know that whatever he does, he would chose the funniest action.

  3. He's crazy. He can't ACT crazy, no? But his craziness is...er...likeable, more or less.

  4. Maybe he isn't THAT wrong. He was a poor man desperately searching fo a way out his difficult life, and he fell into a vat of chemicals. When he went out he realized that the substance turned him in a white, green-haired, grinning freak. So, he did the only thing he had left to do: go crazy.

  5. He's yummy. He could be. I mean, the best in this sense is without a doubt Brian Bolland's Joker, in the Killing Joke. His Joker is tall (like 1.90m), thin (but not starved, just naturally lean), sharp dressed (we all know how important are clothes to him. Brian Bolland dresses him up with the colors he adores in a suit that just fits him), teathrical (he's a consumed comedian, he views the world as his stage after all) and feminine. Not QUEER, for god's sake, feminine is another thing. He's graceful. His attitude is delicate. His masculinity isn't aggressive like his fits of anger. He can be fey. His behavior has to reflect it.

Some girls like his hair. That's a good point. His hair is regulary pomaded,but always rebel, like him.


The Bat and the Madman

It's the classic fight: godd guys v.s. bad guys. And we know that our Bat will set things right. But the fight against a nemesis isn't that simple. Yes, I'm talking about villains like Lex Luthor, or Dr. Octopus. Superman and Spiderman are still fighiting with them, and-who knows?- maybe they'll never stop. Villains like those are evil and intelligent, and they sure are hard nuts to crack.

But the Joker... yes, he's evil, someone say the Devil in person, but he's on another level.

irst, he's colorful. He has no personality, he can't be tedious, he always changes.

Second, he's likeable, and if not, at least he's funny.

Third, he makes the perfect contrary of the Bat. Batman is so rational, the Joker isn't stupid at all, but he doesn't reasone with common logical schemes.

Maybe... someday Batman will kill the Joker. But it would be such a pity. Even for him, he would lose his better opponent.


Too super (with villains)

This is a topic I like very much to discuss. We all here like superguys, I think. But what if a superhero was 'too super'? I mean, look at Superman. He has X-ray sight, super strength, super speed, and so on, and so on... you know, he's the man who can move plantes, and all that kind of super stuff. He's advantaged. Some superheroes are like families, they always squabble (like Fantastic Four). I like Spiderman, after all he's a timid journalist, and his real enemy is himself, not that -sorry but I have to say it- ridiculous Dr. Octopus, you take his glasses and he's out. Hulk is good too, I like the thing that Robert Bruce Banner turns into a giant green freak when he's angry (unconscious works!).

But my favorite- is the Batman. He's kinda psycho (c'mon a guy that dresses up like a bat with a 15 years old sidekick named Robin), but I like psychopaths. The Bat, who terrifies criminals, who flies relentless under full moonlight. And he doesn't need superpowers! He uses brains and Bat-gadgets only (but they seem to work good!).

And villains. Naturrally, I like Batman ones the most. Dr. Jonathan Crane fascinates me. I'm not only a psycho, but also a psychiatrist, and I'm interested in phobia area. I only don't like Black Mask, because he's too cruel (but that's exactely how he has to be). One of my favorites is The Riddler, he's crazy (and funny! Did you see the third Batman movie with Jim Carrey? Awesome!) and intelligent, which is nearly the same thing. I love Harley Quinn too, the cutest villainess in all Gotham. I have a spine-chill when I think she's crazy and she kills only for love. So cuuute!!!!! And I feel all fuzzy when I think she's crazy about -the one and only- JOKER! Yes, he's my truly fav. The portrait of madness. I admire him, that's all, for his intelligence, his style, his twisted mind...

I think insanity is a power. You can't really kill or torture someone if you're sane. But if you're a psycho, all is less difficult. There are no limits.