Uncanny X-force 5.1 pg5

Uncanny X-force 5.1 pg5

Something I did for practice... Its page 5 from Marvel's Uncanny X-force 5.1

Originally drawn by Rafael Albuquerque... Written by Rick Remender.

Didn't got the scrip.... so I described the panels and wrote the description per panel down. Plus the lines. Than put the original book away and based my page on the description.

Its not even close to the brilliant job Rafael Alburquerque did... but I'm still learning.

These are only pencils... and I had some trouble with scanning... Here's page 5 from Uncanny X-force 5.1



Posted by WillPayton

I like it!

Posted by blur1528

Sweet as always!

Posted by spidey 15

WOW, your very first panel is amazing, I love the detail you put. :)

Posted by sora_thekey

That is amazing! Man, do we have talent on the site or what??