DAILY SKETCH 25-08-2011:Clu

DAILY SKETCH 25-08-2011:Clu

TRON! … I have seen the last version of the movie. Was a nice movie… Only thing that bothered me were the digital young version of Jeff bridges. It looked a bit fake....
But apart from that it is a very entertaining film…. This character came from the this movie… It is Clu. The computer version of Jeff bridges, if I'm correct.
The suggestion for Clu was made by Steven James. This time I took out the markers again, Its been some time since I last used it… Only problem was some of the markers were almost out of markerink and I don't have any fill material at the moment…: 
Ralf van der Hoeven
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Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff! Really enjoyed the new Tron, the stylisation and soundtrack especially

Posted by Decept-O

@RalfvdH: I love this one knowing that your markers were on "low" so to speak! Pretty slick work.

Posted by tonis

@RalfvdH: I liked this new movie too, I thought it did well to carry on the story and Clu was a very cool addition. Nice choice man :)

Posted by Billy Batson



Posted by Raven0207

Nice choice ! Awesome piece ! Now I have to go home and watch this movie again. I can't get enough of Olivia Wilde's Qurroa!