DAILY SKETCH 17-06-2011: Deapool, Wolverine vs.The Darkness, Pitt

DAILY SKETCH 17-06-2011: Deapool, Wolverine vs. The Darkness, The Pitt

Been away for a while .... I'm suffering from a headache for more than two weeks now. The past week it really became terrible.
So I've made nothing for the last couple of days. It is not over, but I made one for today. Can not promise that for tomorrow, though.
The suggestion today came from Marcel van der Sanden. He asked for a sketch for 4 characters against each other. But I've done 2 against 2.
These are The Darkness, The Pitt, Wolverine and Deadpool.
Ralf van der Hoeven
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I have to battle migraines all the time so I know how you feel. All I can tell you on that front is stay away from caffeine, salt and stay in darker rooms. Alot of light doesn't help. 
On the sketch part I love how you put 4 characters we would never see together all slammed into one. Awesome job !
Posted by Press Oblivion

This is really nice! The Draklings are great!

Posted by tonis

@RalfvdH: here's hoping the headaches quiet down and this is soooooo much killer work on a some bad ass characters. Very nice Ralf :)

Posted by DomDom

That is so cool =)
Posted by Decept-O
@RalfvdH: I echo Tonis' sentiments, man, hope those headaches subside.  Take care, take aspirin, drink water.  Step away from that drawing board or table and give your eyes some rest.   
Despite my old nanny comments, man......sweet mother of marmalade, that is an absolutely fantastic drawing from you and one that stands out on all levels. WOW!   You used PITT.  That is icing on the cake. 
Posted by DavidR
You pushed through the pain and still came up with a great piece, excellent work!!
Posted by Billy Batson

cool, hope you get better :) 


Posted by TheSheepHerder

This is awesome on so many levels. 
Hope your headaches go away, your daily sketches are just brilliant.