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I'm checking out you latest blogs and you have been posting some really amazing stuff! 
Hopefully you're putting a sketchbook together, that would be great!
I really like the intensity and tension of the scene here.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

@RalfvdH: I enjoy your sketch, however I'm not sure it captures the character (which isn't your fault considering you don't know him) but to help you understand who he is, he's not actually a photographer but a journalist in an American Civil War (set in modern times) and he's specifically based in New York City, living in the world of the people who are brought into this war just by being in the wrong (or right) place at the right time

everyone kind of hates him though (in the comic, although I personally have never been a fan myself) for various mistakes he's made, also as recently shown, he doesn't share Spider Jerusalem's journalistic integrity in getting the truth out and is willing to make compromises

also, he's always got that white strip on his nose (I don't know why, maybe I'm just stupid and it's a practical thing?)