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@serrure: Sorry but Rulk very much needs to breathe.

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Good Battle Katzman!

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@k4tzm4n: Thanks Bro. I aint going to lie. From how people talk on this site, Valiant seems to be pretty good. I am just afraid of the art. What i have seen so far though they seem to have generally good art.

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@earthsmightiest: U know im kind of interested in Valiant. I need something new since i will be dropping Marvel. Is Valiant similar to DC art direction wise?

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@guardian3712: Bro, That is dead. the Symbiote got reset it's no longer evil. That kind of interest is gone.This is one of the reasons I am pissed. It was nice seeing a naturally good person struggle with the symbiote stress but now there is no stress.There is just a good guy in a "cool" suit. SMH

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@sirdaveysockrocker: No, I actually Love Change but changes have to be logical and tasteful. If it's a Reboot what's wrong with modernizing a classical character? As for your Thor comment, I do have a problem with this female thor. It's straight up stupid and a cheap attempt at the company trying to be diverse. Now, I don't have a problem with a female Thor Like character that acquired his powers in a tasteful way. eg. Let's say, Marvel wanted a "Female Thor" In my opinion it would have been more tasteful if Thor ascended to the Throne, he had a daughter and she picked up his weapon and his responsibilities. In my opinion Thor would still be a respectable and relevant character and with the female thor being his daughter/sister would probably be more open to this new Thor Like character. give her her own name or something. Not to just call this Person Thor and straight up disrespect the ever worthy Thor by having him run around as a dishonoured jealous and crazed character.

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As a Venom fan, Marvel just please do me an honor and put the final bullet in me by just changing his name and putting me out of my misery. As this is a Far cry from what "Venom" looks like and is as a character.:(

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@lagozzino: Bizzaaroverse is right. This is Blasphemey.

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I just really hate Marvel

They have like no honor. Good thing Characters like Batman and Joker aint for them because it would only be a matter of time before some one in there editorial would be like." You know what? We want batman to be readable by everybody. Its too dark. Joker needs to be friendlier. Better yet we are going to make the Joker a good guy. We are gonna make the joker family friendly and light hearted. Also Batman he is way too dark. He needs to also be friendlier and him and the joker are going to team up. The joker will now be his Partner "white bird" and its going to be a fun book. -_-