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This was a great event. Better than Marvel's AXIS!

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well quicksilver. now you know how Marvel fans feel when reading Crappy Marvel events.screw marvel and there cheap stories.

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@krazycrab: Thank God. I thought I was the only one with that opinion. The Next worst event after that was Original Sin. What another bag of Garbage. This event though was disappointing.Art could have been better and this event was all over the place. I love Remender as a writer but this disappointed me. Hopefully next time. I give this event 3/5 it was mediocre at best. It could have been better. Anyways, I'm jumping shit after this. I'm going to focus mostly on DC now. They rarely disappoint me. They actually deliver unlike this overhyped Marvel crap. I feel like I have grown and left Marvel behind. Ever since Disney got there paws on this company the quality eventually dipped.It has become oversaturated and too much people are involved in the creative processes of these characters. Anyways, I agree with you regarding the age of Ultron comment.

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Daredevil and Electra for sure. Damian is a non factor here. It will boil down to Electra and Daredevil against Batman. While batman is extremely formidable he is just outnumbered here.

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As good as this looks. Marvel will more than likely disappoint with this story. I refuse to get excited. The designs look good though.

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Consistent good art along with not dragging this main story out to 9 issues would have made me like this event more.

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@dernman: Disagree. I really like it with Sinestro. Sinestro is in "Beast mode! I hope this stays this way for a long time.

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@mightymodok: Faction's run wasnt to my taste. Actually anything he does dosent sit well with me. Everything i have read from him revolves around an emotional character with rarely any action. Not saying i dont like that here and there but not the entire writers run. I wanna see action as well.

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@darknightspideyfanboy: Just a curious question. How does anything in a comic scare you? Is it the image or the psychology of whats happening.

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@raggedscarecrow: You have a good pull list. My pull list will be very simmilar to yours. Besides Axis and the avengers titles, Marvel books are mostly crap. DC has consistently better books in general.