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Gal wasnt my first choice for wonder woman.She however looks good and support her.

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I don't understand. if this was Batman vs Deathstroke people would say, Batman knows over 100 fighting styles and is more skilled. When it's Taskmaster with his over 100 fighting styles it's deathstrokes superior physicals that take it. KMT

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When i see garbage like this. I feel like i need to grow up and start indulging in this crap

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Art looks great.Can anyone advise if this Earth one relates to the previous universe or if this is new 52.Thanks

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@leave1942: I respectfully disagree. Cliff Chang art is garbage compared to finch's. Now Cliff aint the worst but Finch is superior here. For me personally, i wanted to get into wonder woman since the new 52 launched but cliff kept me away. Ill give it a chance now.

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@micah: I agree. Marvel fans hate change

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Finally Marvel is doing something interesting with Thor. So what if Thor is going to be a woman. That dosent make the character less interesting. I personally wish that when marvel introduces this female as Thor's replacement tbat they would kill off Odin, ascend Thor to the Throne as King, Power him up and make him the boss on the last stage. That way we can get This female carving her own path as Thor and when a really rainy day comes along and she aint enough. King Thor comes out, shuts shit down. I am Ultimately saying, Make Thor King, make him stay relevant and be respected as the God he is and should really be, this would go well with most Thor fans such as myself. And we can have a new female Thor that can be as relevant as The male one was as an avenger. My opinion.

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Its not hyperbole. The Hulk can have as much strength as the writer wants.

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Pulido's art is garbage. As Ultron345 said All of his characters faces looks like an owl. I will say i thought it couldnt get any worse but damn am i wrong. When i see crap like this it makes me want to quit my job and just go and work for marvel as an artist. I cant draw for shit but i dont think that will stop me.Because it dosent stop guys like Romita,aja, Palo,Pulido and now this guy Wimberly. I dont care how good a story is it has to have good art. I cant draw to save my life but that dosent mean i cant appreciate another person's great art. Its one of the reasons i even read comics. But when i see this kind of crap which i am starting to see all of the time. It makes me want to just put down marvel. Say what you want to say about DC but they have consistenly better artist on a general level. I rarely if ever see this crap over there. Unless its in Green arrow which i dont read at all.