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Spider-man and Anti-Venom.

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 Daken and Romulus ubber alles!

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meh, really depends on the level of brutality spider-man and anti-venom are willing to put in that fight. theres not much possibility of tricking rom and daken and theres not much possibility to surprise spider-man and anti-venom, so it will probably a face-to-face-battle. you can expect spidey and anti-venom to be stronger and maybe even more agile, but the claws and the will to kill is on the opponents side.

Posted by Rainja

Well Anti-Venom is always willing to get brutal,i agree i dont see them tricking the mutants and i dont see them surprising the spiders but i think when it comes down to the face to face battle  the mutants are dead.

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wasn't it that anti-venom's abilities are similiar to carnage's? you know, the blade stuff and something like that.

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I agree they fight very similar as far as using there symbiotes potential completely. Comic wise its because Cletus and Brock(as of now) can fully control there symbiote and its not really a partnership anymore they are bonded molecularly and are pretty much one being. If u notice with Venom(Mac Gargan) and Toxin that when they are enraged are hurt the symbiote pretty much becomes dominat over and they become feral.

and the symbiote actually lashes out
Venom vs. Ares? Venom wins!
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okay, then my final answer is anti-venom and spiderman

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And to put the nail in the coffin did u see what  shitty Mac did to Bullseye and Daken in "sinister spiderman" he totally kicked there asses and as we know they are definitely not pushovers.

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unfortunately, i didnt. im far too far behind with comic information and i try to focus on blackest night first (just coming out here)

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anti venom solos
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Doesn't being near Anti Venom weaken Peter?

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HELLL YEA, but i think there smart enough to work it out, but thats something Daken and Romulus could possible expoit. HMmmmmmmmmmm