Revived kages of the 4th Ninja World War Mizukage vs Tsuchikage

This is a battle of the 2nd Mizukage vs Muu I will pit them against each other based on what i have seen them done or abilities that they should be able to do. For instance as Onoki is the direct pupil of Muu and all abilities that Onoki has performed i will presume Muu is capable of the same. This applies to each character.

2nd Mizukage Vs Muu

For whatever reason this battle between these two begin. This is my theory as to how it actually happened based off o the manga.

The battle takes in Rocky Canyon like area with a calm river running through the middle like where the Valley of the End is located.

After sending a team of Ninja's to secure an area none of them return. Muu takes it upon him self to investiage and go's on the prowl comming across the described location of the battle. The Team he sent earlier or all dead. Mizukage appears before him with is usual smirk on his face and so the battle begins.

(None has any previous Knowlege about the others abilities.)

Mizukage laughs and starts the Attack.

Mizukage performs, Water Style: Houzuki Water Gun Technique.

His hands appear in a Gun gesture and starts to fire water bullets at Muu.

Muu darts towards Mizukage with incredible speed, dodging all of the shots and kicks Mizukage. His foot is now stuck in Mizukages chest.

Muu: My foot went right through him and it appears to be stuck. His body appears to be composed of water. This must either be a really strong water clone or the Hyrdification technique of the Houzuki Clan.

Mizukage smirks and puts his gun finger to Muu's head and fires off a shot directly in Muu's head. Muu begins to crumble and in turn crumbles into rocks.

Mizukage: Rock clone huh?

The Real Muu appears behind him and performs, Dust Release:Detachment of the Primitive World technique.

Mizukage is caught in the blast and is disintergrated into lil sprinkles of rain drops.( It was a Water Clone)

Muu, senses a sudden release of chakara and turns to anticipate.

Mizukage attacks with a giant water dragon technique

Muu, reacts by Performing an earth release: Earth style wall. Blocking the Water Dragons tecnique.

Mizukage, summons his giant clam and it begins to release a mist.

Muu: Hydrification technique, Water Gun attacks, no eye brows and a dumb smirk. This must be the current Mizukage?

Muu begins to fade away until he completley dissapears.

Mizukage: A mummy with Invisibility, Earth techniques, and a disintergrating technique, this must be the current Tsuchikage, MUU?

Mizukage is the only person on the battle field as the clam mysteriously dissapeard and so did Muu.

Muu appears hovering above a dumb founded Mizukage. and Perfoms his Dust release technique again. The Mizukage is unaffected to Muu's surprise.

Muu: My dust realease destroys down to a moleuclar level, why is he still standing?

Mizukage perfoms a water technique forming several water dragons out of the surrounding water to attack on his behalf.

Muu is flying around dodging the Dragons and every so often, makes succesfull attacks on the Mizukage that apparently have no effect.

Muu goes invisible and thinks to himself. All of my attacks phase right through him and have no effects. Only for him to dissapear and then reapear to attack from another spot. Is this a genjitsu? Where is that giant clam and what was that mist earlier?

Because Muu is invisible, the Mizukage does not know where to anticpate an attack and for now dosent carless. He starts to tease and make fun of Muu and his Bandages, however, Muu dosent fall for it.

Muu: This must be a Genjitsu from that clam,i must find it and destroy it and maybe that stop this technique.

Muu uses his sensing abilitie to sense where the clam is until he finds it.(Note:When the Mizukage perfromed this Genjitsu on the Alliance ninjas they were battling, even the sensors were unable to sense that this was a Genjitsu, even when they were told it was a genjistu no sensor could tell the exact location of the clam. The sensors only began to sense again when the clam was actually destroyed and were able to find where the Mizukage was hiding. Just for arguments sake i will allow Muu to sense the clam during the Genjitsu. I understand This is debatable.)

Muu performs his Dust release technique once more, annihilating the clam and breaking the genjitsu. also revealing the true Mizukage from hiding.

Mizukage: He figured out My genjistu?

Mizukage performs his water gun techniqe again and starts shooting after Muu, Muu dissapears!

Mizukage looks around the area, He is invisible again. "Damn that Mummified bastard"

Muu appears on top of the cliff looking hundreds of feet down at the Mizukage and the prefroms :Earth style: Earth avalanche technique.

An massive avalance begins to fall down and bombard the field below crushing trees, falling into the rivers and just comsuming and destroying the land.

Mizukage however is unharmed as he perfroms the hydration techniqe to avoid damage. He then begins to laugh, perfroms some Handseals and a Massive explosion occurs, A face can be seen in the erupting steam.

Muu: Damn that Mizukage he knows that technique.(referring to Steamy danger Tyranny Infinite explosion technique)

Hail begins to fall from the sky and the steam then begins to take the form of Jokey Boy(The Crazy water clown)

Jokey Boy begins to go on the assualt, lounging towards muu who is busy getting hitting by the rain of hail.

Jokey boy attacks him and cuts him open, but not killing him.

Muu trys to fly above the Rain of hail but it is unsuccesful as Hail is hitting hard an furiously only to be attacked again a Kick from Jokey Boy who has expanded in size and blitzing around the battlefield.

Muu is on the ground trying to recover.

Muu: I must find where the Mizukage is hiding and kill him thats the only way i can successfully end this technique.

Jokey Boy is Blitzing towards Muu for an attack but Muu senses him and dodges that attack by flying upward, however jokey boy uses this time to explode. Damaging Muu and the surrounding area. Muu is now heavily damaged.

Muu:Im not dead yet, i must kill this no eyebrow bastard.

Muu vanishes as Hail again begins to fall from the sky and jokey boy starts to reform. Muu while invisible senses the Mizukage's prescene and starts to advance towards the Mizukage's hiding spot.

Jokey boy is just blizting around randomly all over the place for two reasons, Trying to locate Muu and build up the compression in his body so he can explode once more.

Muu appears infront of the Mizukage as he could not hold out any longer.

Muu: Whats this? He looks like he is in some kind of altered state its almost as if he is drunk or something, now is my chance before that thing relalizes that i found the actual mizukage.

Muu prepares to do the Dust Release, when Jokey Boy, blitzing with incredible speed slams into Mizukage, however not before Muu finihsed his technique resulting in a disgustingly huge and devastating explosion killing Both combatatants and disfiguring the land.

Winner -Draw

Both combatants eliminated each other.

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