Proud of Marvel when it comes to Carnage

I would just like to say that I am proud in the way Marvel has been treating Carnage, in the sense of he is actually a threat to Marvel on a whole,If he keeps this stuff up he might one day be on a Ultron level threat, I mean if he could continue to replicate his symbiote like he did in Carnage USA and apparently Minimum Carnage, he could potentially be a planetary threat. As for as the micro verse is concerned he is a Universal threat. Now I would never expect venom to ever become such a threat as to me the suit isn't Evil, it's just bad, sure it will kill you and your mom but carnage has no discretion and this is what makes him very deadly. What is someone's else's opinion on this?

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Cletus Kassidy may not be as smart as he thinks he is, but he's not dumb either! If he was as smart as he is crazy, he'd be a HUGE threat! The suit started out as an INFANT, so it can't help him get smarter, but after being humiliated by Spidey so often he might just be motivated to get a LOT smarter, and Carnage would be bad enough as a crazy idiot, but as an insane genius?... WATCH OUT...

Posted by Mycroftian

I liked the Carnage USA mini, but wasn't crazy about Minimum Carnage as a follow-up. Logically speaking, don't symbiotes pick up the knowledge of their hosts? So when Carnage took over all the people (some of whom were Avengers!) in that town, I feel like he should have picked some stuff up. Carnage didn't take a peek inside the minds of any of those people he took over? I call BS on that. Would have been really interesting to see a Carnage that managed to educate himself in the quickest possible way, and maybe even pick up on some Avengers' secrets.