Anti-Venom Vs The Hand(Fanfic)



Story takes place during Shadow land

It has Been Over a year now since Eddie Brock and the Punisher dismantled the Baja-Moreno Cartel (Anti-Venom: New Ways to Live).

Eddie and Jenna arrive back to New York from traveling from state to state fighting drug crime when they decide to return back to New York City.

While back in New York Eddie & Jenna decided to visit an area in Hells Kitchen where a street level drug gang had a foothold but upon arrival were greeted by a enormous Japanese’s structure dead in the center of Hells Kitchen to their astonishment.

Jenna: Where did that come from, that wasn’t there the last time I was here.

Eddie: I wonder what it is; it looks interesting maybe I should ask this guy on the side of the road about it.

Eddie approaches the obviously homeless man.

Eddie: Good Night Sir, I was wondering would you be so kind to tell me about that new building over there?

The homeless man looks at the building and then looks at Eddie with a blank expression.

Homeless man: Ninja Demons Patrol that building no one is allowed near it. They protect these streets from any one who would dear bring chaos to his order. Young Man if I were you I would not worry about that building, not even The Avengers seem to worry and I would advise you to the same.

Eddie: Ninja Demons and Him?

Homeless man: Even as we speak we are all being listened to and watched, proceed with caution around here.

The Homeless man looks up and sees two Ninjas looking on observing them all from the shadows of a nearby building.

Eddie: Ok I see ,so could you tell me of whom “He” is then and when you say Ninjas are you talking about The Hand?

The two ninjas blank expression changed the moment they heard this blonde stranger mention their Clan’s Name however, they were not the only ones to have heard those words as dozens of ninjas all around that area that were remarkably hidden slightly emerged from the shadows all now focusing on these strangers.

The Homeless man began to become frightened and decided it was time for him to be on his way, he decided to quickly walk the opposite direction walking across Eddie & Jenna who by now had a confused look on there face.

 The old man turned down in an alley and 3 seconds after he turned the corner a scream was heard, Eddie rushed to the alley and saw blood on the ground as he looked up he saw one ninja quickly running up the building dragging the homeless man. As the ninja reached the top of the building a flock of about 20 ninjas were scurrying through the air like a flock of bats hopping from building to building. Eddie quickly looked around for Jenna and screamed.

Eddie: Jenna get in the Jeep and drive away from here as fast as you can.

Jenna dashed towards the jeep and 5 ninjas came running out of another nearby alley. Two with Bows and three with swords. The two with bows fired arrows all aiming for Jenna’s head but Eddie quickly transformed and intercepted the two arrows saving Jenna’s life. The Three Ninjas with swords darted towards Eddie now The Anti-Venom. Three tendrils made for piercing came out of Anti-Venoms chest impaling the three ninjas in a blur killing them immediately. The two archer ninjas jumped back a good 10 feet from their original distance but the tendrils that had impaled their brethren began to attack them and stretched out even further. Before the ninjas could shoot another arrow they were wrapped from head to toe and then were violently squeezed until they disintegrated into smoke as all hand ninjas do as they perished.

Eddie: Jenna I need you to get out of here immediately I am going to find out more about that building and these ninjas as that man was innocent and did not deserve to die. You just make sure to get away far from here and wait for my call.

Jenna: Alright Eddie, be safe.

Jenna put the jeep into gear and sped out of their immediately leaving The Anti-Venom to handle the situation.

Ten minutes later The Anti-Venom is on top of a rooftop looking directly at this strange building, when about 20 Hand Ninjas come climbing up the building from all sides surrounding him. He takes a look around to see how much of them there are. As soon as he turned his back towards the first ninjas his eyes viewed, they immediately attacked, however tendrils erupted from his back like missiles capturing and immediately constricting his prey. Tendrils erupted from his arms piercing those that were directly facing him killing them all only leaving six. They started to throw shuriken but Anti-Venom Quickly created a shield from one of his arms to successfully block there attack, he then followed up with a lash from his tongue which acted like a whip with blades, slicing them all in half.

Anti-Venom then leaped off of the building and began to swing towards this new strange building landing upon its gigantic roof, where the instant he landed was bombarded by hundreds or shuriken and arrows  which came down upon him like angry bees, instantly placing the monster on his back. As he recovered, hundreds of ninjas descended upon him.

The Ninjas then began to relentlessly attack with what would become a good Forty Five Minutes of slashing, stabbing, crushing, and constricting.

 Ninjas slashed at Anti-venom who retaliated with tendrils erupting from various parts of his body, stabbing and constricting those who were unfortunate to be within reach. Anti-Venom’s claws began to enlarge, tearing into many ninjas each time, with each swipe of his hands there was the effect of ninja’s flying through the air in pieces. He then began to lounge forward with his claws killing a good score of them each time, no attack was wasted as when one foe would dodge three wouldn’t be so lucky as there numbers were almost infinite. The more & more they stabbed and cut into him the more violent and monstrous he would become; they attacked like hyenas while he fought back like a starved out lion. If one was observing this fight they would have seen no drop in the unwavering numbers of ninjas that attacked, as there numbers were easily in the thousands as they descended to the top of the building from all sides but in reality the anti-venom killed every single one of them within reach when suddenly in the confusion the Anti-Venom got overwhelmed and disappeared.

Hand Ninja: Where did that thing disappear to, did he teleport?

The ninjas looked around in confusion, they then began to look at each other. It was a very weird moment for them for a few seconds ago they were battling a monster and now there was none it as almost as if they had imagined the whole fight but this was definitely not the case.

Hand Ninja: We must report back to Lord Daredevil.

The Army of Ninjas began to recede into the building, where they came to give their report.

Hand Ninja: We engaged the intruder and somehow within the fight the intruder suddenly vanished.

Daredevil stood up and began to focus using his senses he then heard a specific heart beat and breathing pattern. He lounged towards one of the ninjas who transformed into the Anti-Venom and blocked Daredevil’s attack he then punched Daredevil sending him flying into a bunch of ninjas he then jumped high unto the ceiling.

Anti-Venom: Murdock, If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believe it to be true, not only are you in league with the hand but you or its leader.

Daredevil: Brock, I see you are alive and well and have even returned to your old ways. I had no idea it was you who had dares to defy the hand.

Anti-Venom: Recently everything is turned upside down, it’s as if the whole world is flipped.

Daredevil: Do you forever swear allegiance to The Hand?

Anti-Venom: No, I swear ill protect the innocent and the sick,that is the path I now follow.

Daredevil: Well then leave or Die.

Anti-Venom: Die???????I would like to see you try.

Daredevil looked upon the monster with a blank face as it crawled unto the roofs of the building and upon reaching the top begun to swing away between the nearby buildings and disappeared into the night. About 20 minutes later a ninja returned to Daredevil and said “Lord Daredevil, we have an intruder upon the roof, he has managed to kill and impressive number of us should we send for reinforcements?” Daredevil “ No, ill attend to this myself.”

 The next scene is Daredevil arriving at the top to find Bullseye engaging his warriors; the two eternal adversaries then begin to engage in what would become the start of Shadowland.

The End

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Posted by Rainja

Let me know what you think, I am a beginner to fan-fics so don't shoot me. :)

Posted by Grubich

It sounds cool but ninjas just seem so out of Eddie's style to be fighting.
Posted by Rainja

LOL, i was originally going to make him fight the Wrecking Crew. Ill make him take them on next or maybe even Rulk. Rulk should be Interesting.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Anti-Venom VS Ninjas = epic win.