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The only way you could justify Batman beating Goku is that Goku is too much of a pacifist. He'd be terrified of killing Batman, and probably feign death just to make him happy.

And this is coming from a Batfan. xD

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@X35: I see you're quite the definitive shopper. xD

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@Magethor: I remember writing that comment. xD

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  1. Wolverine - He's the quintessential X-Man. If it wasn't for his popularity, I hardly doubt the 90s Animated Series would have been so successful.
  2. Psylocke - Redefined what it meant to be a female badass. Under Remender's guidance, she's really turned into a force of her own.
  3. Jean Greay - Let's face it, one doesn't have to be liked to be famous. Jean Greay is immensely popular for all the wrong reasons.
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Isn't Superman Prime supposed to be, you know... God? Although, even that much power still needs feats, and we've seen a starving Galactus lift his finger and destroy planets.

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Your composition is absolutely phenomenal. I particularly love how well you drew the ivy swirling in a whirlpool; it adds a really nice effect to the cover.

My only advice would be to be careful not to fall into Greg Land territory when it comes to drawing women. By that, I mean, Land thinks that a woman's torso has to be 2x the size of their waist. Just look at any drawing of Psylocke he has done and you'll see.

Fantastic work!

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Hold the phone! Winter Soldier's on there?

Finally! If Clint tries anything romantic with Natasha, Bucky will end him forever.

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I think the artist should try drawing Scott without the 'head condom' on. It would humanize him a lot more if he just wore those red shades in his civilian outfit and make him look less like a wanker. I mean, they say that eye-contact is one of the most important points of communication; shouldn't we at least look at his sun-glasses?

Ditch the head-condom, and he might appear more likeable. Though, that's just his appearance, not his personality.

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Man that's tough! I would have to say though, it's a tie between Batman #7 and Detective Comics #14.

I believe the Batman one was when Bruce broke out of the Court's maze and basically beat the bollocks out of the Talon. Sure it is kind of ridiculous how he could manage that, but it still showed off his intelligence. As for Detective... Oh my God, where to begin? The new creative team wrote the most perfect issue. I could sit here for ten minutes and talk about how perfect it was. But I'm about to go to bed as it's almost midnight.