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@lunacyde: Of course but to think that being a responsible adult and commissioning a taxi to take you home while intoxicated is getting used as a reason as to why you're being assaulted? I just can't even right now. I mean I'm used to victim blaming but this just takes it to a new level mannn

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I swear to god the police in my city could not be more freaking ridiculously stupid.

Recently, there have been reports about cab drivers sexually assaulting women and this past weekend a woman was assaulted when taking a cab home after a few drinks at a bar downtown. She was on the radio and talking about it... And this is the response from our men and women in blue -_-

I know most of you probably wont be able to read this and understand it cause it's in french but here's the link about what the idiots in my city are saying about this. And for reference underneath, a translation of my favourite part -_-


''We recommend that women not ride in taxis by themselves if they have been drinking. These women should be sharing cabs, or even not drinking as much! Rape victims are usually drunk, which makes them vulnerable to this type of thing. No one wants that.'' Le SPVM recommends that women not take a taxi only if they are intoxicated. "It can be good to share a taxi if it can do so or limit his consumption of alcohol and stay in control, because unfortunately in many cases of aggression, the victims had consumed alcohol. It can contribute to situations of vulnerability that we do not want them to," says Sergeant Gingras.


''Le SPVM recommande aux femmes de ne pas prendre un taxi seules si elles sont en état d'ébriété. « Ça peut être bien de partager un taxi si on peut le faire ou limiter sa consommation d'alcool et rester en contrôle, parce que malheureusement dans beaucoup de cas d'agressions, les victimes avaient consommé de l'alcool. Ça peut contribuer à se mettre en situation de vulnérabilité ce qu'on ne leur souhaite pas», explique le sergent Gingras.''

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@sc said:

@inola said:

Hello! So my evil roommate @raiiyn introduced me to this website so yeah, I absolutely have no idea what I'm doing here but I kinda like it. Nice to meet you all!

Hello inola! Its great to be able to talk to you, Raiiyn mentions you occasionally in conversation, you sound pretty awesome! I hope you get to post a bit more, CV has a lot of fun features, and cool people you might get on well with. Am glad to hear you are enjoying Questionable Content, also you need to steal Raiiyn's copy of Pride of Baghdad, I Kill Giants, Untouchable and a few others, those are great reads, I think you will like just as much if not more!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to share secrets about Raiiyn she would get angry at us for sharing. 0_0.


I will send my penguin army after you Sean 0_0

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I really enjoyed the episode tonight, My favorite part(s) where probably the banter between Ray Palmer and Felicity, but i was just really happy to see everyone together again in a new season.

The ending definitely surprised me but I'm not 100 % sure who I think it was to answer your question, very interesting though.

Pretty much exactly how I feel. Though I let out a heavy sigh with the whole "woe is me, I can't be Arrow and Oliver" routine. Im kind of sick of that...

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Haven't seen one yet... There needs to be one...

Im still super fangirling over the first episode...

So discuss! Thoughts? Theories? Dislikes? Likes?

This is officially my new favourite show.

I also cannot freaking wait to see Wentworth Miller on screen!

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I am the midnight witch of soupsy

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You listed atheism as a religion....

It brings tears of joy to my eye **sniffs**