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The plot's only simple if you haven't played the first two. The water graphics in this game were probably my favourite thing about it ( I totally agree the graphics were awesome). Corypheus is really just a minor character if you think about it. The real plot is about the Elves and only makes sense if you've actually read all the codexes or played DA:O and DA:II. Also, the character depth, build and relationships in all three games is really superb. Probably why I enjoy the series so much. The banter while you're out on missions is great too. Cullen, for example, we meet in the first game and you honestly would recognize him as the same person. His character development over the 10 years since the 5th blight is just amazing.

Inquisition was pretty alright as a game but the strategics and combat options were way too simplistic imo. Like mostly all I did was have to hold a button down to hack an enemy away. Too easy. I honestly didn't even feel much of a difference between normal and nightmare except when I decided to do quests 4-5 levels above the suggested level (as is pretty much normal with my style of gameplay; I like to do the impossible ;P). Nothing beats Origins though and DA:II had too many of the same dungeons for the gameplay to really be that enjoyable although the story itself was pretty alright and of course I loved the party characters.

Im glad you enjoyed your first foray into the world of DA though. ^.^ I actually love this game series so much I bought it for Sean and made him play it and now he's almost as addicted to the series as I am O_O

You should read more of the codexes and lore online from the older games, the thought that went into the world of Thedas is just absolutely phenomenal.

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@god_spawn: loool more like a frozen hell on earth ;p

I was standing for twelve hours but at least I was by the stage ;p

Happy New Year to you too ^.^

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@god_spawn: New York ^.^

Spent New Years in Times Square for the first and last time ;p

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@static_shock: no one can stay away forever. CVs like a black hole.

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@god_spawn: I is good! Exhausted because what should have been a six hour ride into the city took forever because of the line at the border... Even though we left at like 4am -.-

I totally just got into my hotel now ;p

How are you doing?

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24 hrs no sleep... two long azz car rides and one plane ride down... 8 hr bus ride left...

New York Im coming!

**takes large swig of her coffee**

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You really did it :p

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kidnap jesus of nazareth as a child and kill him before christianity could ever be conceived.

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  • History of the Roman Republic
  • Selected Topics in Religion: Angels and Demons
  • History of the Roman Empire
  • Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to European History, from 1789 to the Present

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@ghostpiratex said:

If there is no biological difference then what keeps two black people from giving birth to an white baby, or two white people giving birth to a black baby, or two latinos giving birth to an asian baby?


**le sigh**

Please notice I said none that supports race's existence. Meaning that none of relevance or import. Less than 6% between what people say are different races. In fact there are more biological differences between people that are assumed to be in the same racial class than not. You should read up some before you start asking silly questions.

Here's a link to an article by a science journalist with enough data to start you on your path to enlightenment. I suggest a good read through some academic biology and anthropology peer reviewed journals. There's actually a lot out there on this subject. It's pretty much consensus though that Intro Anthropology classes teach race as a social construct with no real biological difference between perceived racial groups.