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Weelllll, we do have a fascist in charge who is bent on destroying our charter of freedom and rights and getting right close to doing so. He treats our military like crap however. He's actually fighting some of our veterans in court right now...

It's sad that they're not that far off the mark with how shitty a place Canada is right now u_u

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@laflux: cute ;p

La banquise is the best poutine out there though. Seriously, never had better in my life. Apparently they have a vegan one but I'm scared to be disappointed so haven't tried yet. Something from there should seriously be on the list.

And most of those aren't really poutine :/ you need cheese curds to actually be poutine at the very least :/

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@lvenger: Yea, for sure. And the wiki is the coolest thing about the site anyhow.

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@laflux said:

@lvenger said:

7.5/10 as of now, 8-9/10 if this were the Comicvine from a few years ago.

Also this. I miss the quests alot.


I totally miss those. They were so much fun. I remember when I first joined I spent a few hours just doing quests. It was really fun ^.^

I'd probably only give CV a 5.5/6 right now though... nvm the forum downhill slide from sanity, the staff articles aren't even that great anymore...

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  1. As much as I love to joke around, SC is a man. He has man parts. There are no female parts. Not even inside his robot brain does he have female wants or needs. SC is full manbot.
  2. I wasn't actually being serious because if I was being serious I would have just put "I don't picture things that don't exist" so don't take my foolery and make it into something legitimate that should be responded to with actual opinion.
  3. The holy spirit aspect is not feminine. It is never referred to with feminine pronouns in the old testament. The entire trinity is masculine as is the entire religion.
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Happy Birthday m'love!



Hope you have an awesome day ^.^


I got you a birthday present :o

Hope it fits ^.^

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Summer in Spain<3

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@penderor: Because the ending scene literally makes up for every other shitty little piece of it.

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@raiiyn: I get your point :), so I guess it boils down to preferences, you know? I personally don't like the fact that I have to read the codex to understand the universe and the main plot. I usually prefer lore when it helps the main story, but I totally get where you are coming from :).

Wow really? Lol If I had played the game on nightmare I'd have died a MILLION times over. I'm a n00b at these the more methodical action games :P

Yea, I get it. Whereas Im the opposite cause the only games I really enjoy have crazy intricate storylines and love to surprise the shit out of me.

Mind you dragon age is special. When I started playing Origins for the 1st time and my then boyfriend would come over I would just ignore him and play and if he tried to cuddle or kiss I'd like push him and be like "DUDE IM IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN FIGHT DONT TOUCH ME!" O_O

Haha I don't think you'd die a million times, especially not in Inquisition it's really not that different lol