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Rose Wilson. She lives for this kind of situation! A chance to fight everyone? Why not?

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New 52 Happened, Oscars.

I watched this the other day. Damien takes pain like Dante in the Devil May Cry series. The good one. "Ah! Damn! Impaled my arm with a small knife! Fuck it, I'm pulling my arm out over the knife! I just want you to die!"

And then he fights as if nothing happens until DS breaks his arm. Gaping hole in his arm? No problem! Broken bone? Yep, too much, arm's dead.

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@dshipp17: I appreciate the thought, but I've been there before. I used to go. Even had one-on-one talks with the pastor. It didn't really help any. I'm glad Jesus helps you with your life, but not everyone has such luck, and believe me, boy have I tried.

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@matteopg: I didn't go very deep into details. Mainly just used broad strokes, really. But for personal reasons. I don't really want to go into it too much, because It may not seem like the worst thing. A lot of stuff has been adding up, though, and I've just gotten so tired. There are a lot of things haunting me right now.

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Maybe a 6-8, roughly? Every situation is different. I'm not here because things are well enough in my life that I can afford it. Quite the opposite, I'm here thanks to funding from my roomates. I wouldn't have a home or computer at all if it weren't for them.

I am at a point thought where the way my life has gone, when I no longer have the purpose I have now to my roomates, I no longer have much interest in living. I don't have much interest in staying alive another ten years. Lets see what happens within the next few years. Maybe I can end it within 5, if possible. Just a personal preference.

I have talked to several people, broaching the subject, and nearly all of them would honestly express anger for the inconveinence. Helped me nail down exactly how I want to do it.

Given things continue as they are, that is.

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With a name like that, how could he not be? Makes me think of Fix It Felix from the Wreck-It Ralph movie. I imagine their approaches are different, though.

Anything like this?

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I thought I'd give this a shot, as I've seen some others. Will it die, or will it stick around? Up to you guys. I'll answer most anything within reason. If I'd rather not answer, I'll let you know. No sense in ignoring people. I figured maybe this would help me get to know others here better, as well as help others get to know me. Worth a shot, right?

Ask away.

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I watched for a couple seconds, wondered what the hell was supposed to be happening, and then moved on to the comments.

She don't quite look as good as she used to... Iono. Maybe I'm just getting old.

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Cash's cover of Hurt... Hard to top that.

There is one that is extremely personal to me, because the cirumstances around it, and how sudden it was...
Three Days Grace - Last to Know

She literally was my first true love. Everything was going so well. The only part that doesn't really apply is the last part of the song. Some things I'll never truly get over, and she didn't leave me for someone else. She left me because someone spent the entire first year they knew her badmouthing me and trying to convince her I wasn't any good, and finally succeeded.