Holy Bat Blog! or Does Batman use an Ab-lounger?

After all of these years, does Bruce Wayne still need to work out on a regular basis? I mean sure you might be a little rusty after coming back from the dead, but is he still putting time in at the gym?  

We see Batman leaping from buildings, running through the streets, beating anyone he comes in contact with to a pulp.   Still at it with the heavy bag?   How many miles on the treadmill this week?   Another thing that gives me pause is…when does a billionaire crime fighter fit in a good workout?   How many days of ten-minute abs does it take to go toe to toe with Bane?

I have all these questions but I leave it to You to give me the answers.   If he does work out on a schedule what do you think that routine would be like?   And how does one fit a work out in when you are off saving the world every other week?


Holy Bat Blog! or It's end of the world as we know it. . . . .

By now, most of have heard that DC is relaunching 52 titles beginning in August.  That's right 52 #1 issues. 
It took me a while for that to sink in.  If I am to be honest, I'm not sure that it really has yet, completely.  I just started collecting comics again about four months ago after 15ish year(s) hiatus, so the prospect of having a whole bunch of titles that I don't have to know everything about,  is intriguing.  On the flip side, as you can probably tell from my blog titles, I am a Bat-family fan.   
I worry for the books that I have come to enjoy and look forward to.  I also worry for the characters that I have become invested in.  As I walked around Queen City Comics today, every comic my eyes fell on brought a new wave of panic. 
What about Stephanie Brown?  Will Tim Drake still be Red Robin?  And, oh crap!  Dick Grayson!   For example, minutes before I started this blog I read that Batgirl will be reverting back to Barbara Gordon and that there will be a Nightwing #1.
As you can see, there is more than a few items to worry about.  I'm not concerned that Superman's red undies are gone or whether or not Wonder Woman's top needs straps.  I don't worry about those things, because I don't read those titles.  But the fact that Birds of Prey is starting over or Gotham City Sirens could be one of the many titles that disappears, gives me pause.  
There is too much speculation and freaking out to know what may or may not come in the next several months.  I am going to do my best to hold it together until I hear/read confirmations from DC. 
The few things I do know is that,  
1. I will be buying Justice League #1. 
2. Jim Lee's Batman looks pretty darn cool. 
So in the famous words of R.E.M.,  "It's the end of the worlds as we know it (and I feel. . .fine?)
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Holy Bat Blog! or The Long-winded Version of My Return to Comics

I started collecting comics seriously when I was a freshman in high school (1989).  Back then it was all about Marvel.  I had a large group of titles that I collected. . .Spiderman, X-Men, West Coast Avengers and many of their off-shoots.  In those days, I never touched DC.  To me, that would have been heresy.


Then Image Comics came along and with it titles like Stormwatch, Cyberforce, Wild C.A.T.S, and many others.  I was hooked and for nearly ten years I traveled forty-five minutes, every other week, to the nearest comic shop to feed my addiction.  And, yet, still no DC. 


Well, over time, the money factor made collecting harder and harder to continue, and as suddenly as my passionbegan. . .it ended.


Fast forward nearly twelve years.  I purchased Batman Arkham Asylum because even though I was no longer collecting comics, I still enjoyed the genre.  As soon as the opening sequence of the game was over I was hooked. 


How could I have never read Batman?  I could I have spent a decade reading comics and never think to pick up any of the many titles that spotlighted this amazing character?


Well, much to the dismay of my wife, I knew where this game was taking me.  So, the very next week, there I was...forty-five minutes down the road picking up Batman #704. 



I did not know that this was Dick Grayson, hell I did not even know that Bruce Wayne was "dead".  All I knew was that I wanted to read more.  And not just this title, but all the Bat titles.  I quickly caught up with Red Robin, Birds of Prey, and as many issues of Batman and Detective comics as I could afford to start having a clue as to what was going on.


So, for better or worse, I am back in the world I loved for so long.  I am trying hard not to break off and start getting every other comic out there.  We'll see how that goes.  But for now I plan on sticking with just the Bat titles and, from time to time, writing about an issue or story arc that I particularly enjoyed



Who knows, maybe someone will even read it.