Just Watched Iron Man 3

Yesternight i finally went to movies for the new Marvel movie Iron man 3.

My first thought on that was wow really cool, there is the action scenes like all Marvel movies, also the traditional Robert Downey Jr. humor that we love so much, i like that this one is even more comic book style than the others, the plot story is interesting, i'm a fan of Guy Pearce so is nice to see him on a Marvel movie playing Dr. Aldrich Killian a character who only appear in 4 issues, but being Guy Pearce you know he will be important for the movie, off corse as we see on the Trailers Mandarin is on it so we have some terrorism talk.

Is nice to see that what happened in the Avengers movie have influence here, but this movie is totally solofor Iron Man there is no other hero being shown, beside the after credit scene, What i also like was that Pepper Potts is growing movie by movie and here she is a important part of the story but no spoilers, you have to see it.

Well my final thoughts on Iron Man 3 is, really fun to watch it keep the level for the other movies, it is not the ending of a trilogy or anything like that, is a great comicbook movie, must watch it again!

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