The new Reverse Flash

After making his debut at the end of the Flash #17, the Flash's opposite number, the Reverse Flash has returned in the new 52. However, this isn't Eobard Thawne that we all loved to hate, this is a new Flash tied into Barry Allen's new status in the DCnu. Thanks to CBR there is an interview up right now about the upcoming story line starting in issue #20 in June. As for the new design, I have to say I really like it. The dark black and red colors do work very well. While both Professor Zoom and later Zoom had the reverse colors of the Flash with Yellow and Red. This design of the Negative Speed Force look is very intimidating and really gives a new darker look to the Reverse Flash than just a change in colors. What are your thoughts?

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Posted by SmashBrawler

I'm looking forward to finding out more about this new Reverse Flash. Not excited, but quite intrigued. Also, I like the design. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that color combination :P

Posted by Veshark

It's.....unique. I feel like it's giving off a very nu-52/Image/monstrous sort of vibe, but I'll wait until Manapul makes a proper image before deciding. Someone on another forum compared it to a yam, though...

I like the use of dark and a lighter pink though, it's definitely a nice contrast to Zoom's super-bright yellow-red ensemble. Frankly, I'm hoping that the Reverse Flash turns out to be Wally West, if only to piss off a friend who's favorite character is the former Flash....xD