It's time for an MC2 Relaunch


With all the talk of "relaunch" with DC Comics and the Ultimate Universe for Marvel comics, it seems to be a time for rebirth for comic books, even Batman Beyond. A separate possible future universe where Bruce Wayne has long retired from crime fighting and has Terry McGuiness playing the role of the Dark Knight is even getting a second chance with a couple minis as well. So, why can't Spider-Girl and the MC2 Universe get this same treatment. Yes, we've been down this road before but if you look at all this talk about starting fresh and evolving stories to the next level for current and future readers, than why is the MC2 getting left in the dirt?

  We get that there seems to be some unwritten rule that Anya Corozon needs to be the only Spider-Girl swinging at Marvel but than why is DC Comics pushing for more diverse and expanded universes? Why is the Ultimate universe constantly being restarted and given fresh new teams with a concept that many believe has outlived it's purpose? Those are some tough questions and you can even ask yourself those same questions about the Cosmic Marvel Universe as we've been given several mini series and event stories after canceling both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. Two books that not only had a huge following, loyal readers, very good sales and were pretty damn good books too. While we are told that the Cosmic MU is going to be back in 2012, it seems that too much focus was put into getting the Ultimate Universe back on it's feet after kind of trickling down to the entire "Death of Spider-man" story arc, which was in truth a very damn good story but it seemed that was truly marking the end for the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Yet here we are with a "new' Spider-man, the return of the X-men, Ultimates and various characters with only Brian Michael Bendis remaining on Spider-man to get things kicked off with new creative teams with the other books.

  Then why is it so taboo that May "Mayday" Parker and her Universe can't get a similar treatment when the truth is, sales were pretty good for her books, even going as far as selling out and various characters showing up in other books like Captain America Corps and Avengers. In our honest opinion there is plenty of room for the MC2 Universe, in fact it's very warranted especially in light of the DCnU and even with all the work being put out at Image Comics. If anything, it's time for MC2 to get it's relaunch again. What's the best plan for this.



  Much like with Ultimate Spider-man, keep Tom DeFalco as writer but get a new artist (no offense to Ron Frenz or Pat Ollife) but the formula for the new Ultimate Spider-man is the writer who has created and Shepard the character and then having a fresh taken given visually. So, take Tom to bring Mayday back with a new artist who has always wanted to work on a book like Spider-Girl, give it a clean and fresh look on the character and go from there. Continue story sub-plots that were still present in Spider-Girl before the ending of the series but then take it to the next level and introduce new characters and story concepts. Have May move to her junior year in high school and put her cast into days of looking towards college, being upper classmen and everything that comes with being a super hero and a teenager.



  Since the Avengers movie is due next year and there is so much push on the various Avengers' properties and the popularity of Captain America. Relaunch the next generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes with American Dream in her own series as well. The Avengers still face the threats of their predecessors including their own Revengers that was created by the daughter of Giant-man and Wasp, the Red Queen a.k.a Hope Pym but instead of simply attacking the Avengers. She wants her team to replace them and do the job better like Wonder Man's Revengers over in the current series. For American Dream, what does the role of Captain America mean in her time especially in the aftermath of Captain America Corps as she saw that her role matters but what does it mean to the US, the Avengers and more. It would be a great way to explore Shannon's role more.



  Everything seems to be also focused on the X-men these days in both the 616 and Ultimate Universe, time for Jubilee's team of mutants deal with the true life of the MC2 universe as a mutant. Why is there world more tame and similar to the early days of the original X-men than it is in the regular and Ultimate universes. What does the government true think of mutants? Why is Professor X's dream still going or has it just become a faded memory? Those are the top questions and while they are add it, Wild Thing gets her own series too, and much like American Dream, what is the life of the average teenager who is also Wolverine's daughter truly like? It was barely touched on in her own series over a decade ago. Times have changed, time to look into it.


Tales of the MC2 Universe

  There are so many great characters and in a realistic sense, you can't have a book for each character like the Buzz, Fantastic Five, Dark Devil and more but if you create a monthly series that houses two stories for two different characters and do 3 or 4 part arcs, you have something there. In fact it would work in seeing if there are big enough sales for the characters to have their own ongoing series. Rotating creative teams to give a more diverse take to the characters but respect their histories and you have great stories to come.


  It seems relatively simple for the MC2 to get it's own relaunch but at the same time, it's easier said than done. Let's hope there is a future for the MC2 Universe as we see there is more and more interest in the various characters for the shared Marvel Multiverse.


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Posted by Kairan1979

I enjoyed MC2, and I hope the relaunch happens sometimes.
P.S. American Dream had a role in Captain America Corps mini-series.

Posted by Gambit1024

Yes! I loved MC2.

Posted by pulpcitizen

I would be on-board for any (hypothetical) relaunch. One of my favourite comic sets, and circa 190-200 issues of simply great stories in a style I really enjoyed.

Posted by greenlucario

Absolutely, could always use more Spider-Girl! And a new Darkdevil series, not a mini.