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I realize people are quick to be the morality police, but they're just breasts. They're not becoming distractions to her stories at all, and in fact I doubt you could explain how they're distracting from her stories if you tried. It's not like they can interrupt the pacing of the story by just being there, and any and all boob jokes are slipped in without becoming a tangent. They've only been a plot point once that I can think of, and I don't see a problem with that; it's a facet of her character. Frankly, any of you calling it "distracting" or "disgusting" should just read something else. It's like complaining about Superman being so buff; if something almost entirely aesthetic like that bothers you so much, there are other comics.

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Overlord Laharl.

He's ridiculously powerful compared to other demons who are ridiculously powerful compared to humans. Plus I don't think either of his two opponents here can survive a meteor being dropped on them.

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Nobody said:
"Ranking Game doesn't keep track of the battles done anymore."
Having this same problem.
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What in the world is that first image from?

Regardless, I certainly wouldn't hesitate. I would reject her with all haste. Pupil-less eyes and blue skin do not turn me on I'm afraid. There's also the murderous part.

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Alien Force. Ben 10 seemed like another ridiculously simple children's hero show, Alien Force surprised me with some depth and more interesting characters. Nothing impressive, but enough to be watchable and kind of fun.

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Super-Buster said:
"I think he may be talking about how the writers and illustrators of Fairchild tend to put her in sexy positions to "service" the needs of the fans. I don't know though, I can't read minds."
That is entirely what I mean, sorry, I thought that was a more widely known term.

And sorry that I wasn't here, I waited for about two hours and didn't get a response, so I figured I wasn't getting a response any time soon and that it was ok if I just came back later since I had to go shopping in another state. Sorry, didn't know this place was so strict on quick replies.
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Or did they tone it down/totally get rid of it?

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I'm not a heavy fan of printed comic books, so I don't know what series/specials I can see Power Girl playing a prominent role in. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.