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I was thinking the other day, in the Marvel Universe you have humanity/homo sapiens.

Humanity is arguably evolving into mutants/homo sapien superior. But then you throw into the mix the Eternals - an offshoot of homo sapiens...but how would you categorise them? Are they still humans?

Same question for off-shoots of mutants, such as the Children of the Vault - are they still considered mutants? What about the Neo? And don't even get me started on what Vargas was meant to be!

I mean, how many off-shoots of humanity and mutants are there? And would these off-shoots still be considered sub-species of humanitys/mutants or an entirely different species altogether?


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Arguably, Marvel don't need to reboot. It's just not necessary because Marvel's history, timeline and continuity is relatively straightforward. DC on the other hand badly needed it - with so many Crises confusing the hell out of continuity, the DC Universe was just a mess. So a complete reboot was needed. And even then the DC reboot hasn't been straightforward, with even more confusing timelines!


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I think the current number of titles are just about right. The only titles I think are redundant are Astonishing X-Men and X-Men. I understand the business need for Astonishing X-Men - a title that is easily accessible by having it showcase self-contained stories, but creatively I think it dilutes the X-franchise. Same with X-Men - I totally understand its purpose to showcase the X-Men as being integrated with the wider Marvel Universe, but is there any real need to showcase that? I just don't buy that justification for the title's existence - surely you can just have the other X-titles have a little more emphasis in interacting with other superheroes, and arguably Uncanny X-Men fulfils that purpose as Cyclops wants the Extinction Team to be the premier mutant team, so they'll definitely be interacting with the Marvel U.

I'm a guy who subscribes to the belief that each X-title should fulfil a particular purpose/niche that doesn't overlap with other titles' purposes in order to justify its existence. And so far the current crop of titles do that:

Uncanny X-Men - the flagship X-Men title that showcases the X-Men of Utopia and their trials of being the premier mutant superhero team in the Marvel U.

Wolverine & The X-Men - the other flagship X-Men title that showcases the X-Men and students of the new school, taking it back to what the X-Men used to be about.

X-Force - the X-Men's black ops, wetworks, dirty kill squad!

X-Factor - the exploits of Madrox' private investigations agency.

X-Men: Legacy - the exploits of Rogue and now it seems the teachers of the Jean Grey School. Though, the more I think about it, the more it's at risk of being redundant and stepping on the toes of Wolverine & the X-Men's purpose. But, only time will tell for what Gage has in store for this title.

New Mutants - showcases the exploits of the second generation of students, with a specific mandate of dealing with the X-Men's unfinished business. The more I think about it too, the more I'm thinking this title is at risk of being redundant as well. I love the characters but its purpose is pretty "weak".

Generation Hope - showcases the adventures of the Five Lights, the new generation of mutants. Pretty much an important title for the future of the franchise AND mutantkind.

I do believe Marvel have recently gotten a little overkill with titles in general. I really admired NuMarvel back during the Quesada + Jemas days, where they cut back on fringe X-Men titles to have a tighter focus on the X-Men franchise (despite my love for Gen. X!). Back then X-titles really fufilled a particular purpose. Since then Marvel have wavered in that approach, but with their cancelling titles recently - despite it being sad - I think will do some much needed good.


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I want Joss Whedon's babies!!


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Haha! I get it and major props to him but even so, I don't think it's necessarily a good thing for the dynamics of the team. I forgot that Hawkeye also had a thing with Black Widow too! And if he did indeed get with Crystal as well that's potentially 4 - 5 big name female Avengers he's had relations with!! Is there anyone on the team who can resist his charms?!


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Ok, now I recognise that Hawkeye is one cool cat! He's pure awesome. I also recognise that part of his charm is that he's a ladies man, but seriously...does anyone think his growing relationship with Spider-Woman in Avengers is a little overkill even for him? He JUST kinda/sorta ended things with Mockingbird! And before that he had a dalliance with both Scarlet Witch and the Wasp. What other female Avengers will Marvel decide to pair him up with next?! It's just crazy; what a himbo!


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Apologies if this has been answered before a while ago or if this isn't the right forum to post such a question. But I've noticed a distinct lack of new video materials on ComicVine which I think is a shame, cos I loved watching the 3 Minute experts and video reviews when they came out. Whatever's happened to them?


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Hi folks! Long time lurker of the site (absolutely love it AND Screened.com too) and new member now. About me - live in the UK and on a gap year. Been reading comics ever since I was a kid - first comic was AoA X-Men Chronicles #1 which was sweet! Ever since then I've been a huge X-Men fan and predominant Marvel comic reader though I have in the last few years branched out into more "mature" works.

Fav. comic book characters - mainly Archangel, Nightcrawler and Skin...yes, Skin is totally underrated, underappreciated and I've not forgiven Chuck Austen for offing him in such ridiculous fashion!

Fav. writers - Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis (absolute God!) and Mark Millar. Yeah, I know Millar like's marmite - you either love him or hate it lol.

Anyway, definitely will be hanging around the site more often, so looking forward to chatting away to you guys!


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(Disclaimer: long time lurker, new member, first post!)

I hope Warren doesn't die. He's my fav. X-Men character by far. It almost seems TOO obvious to kill him, and considering Remender's X-Force has been based on the unpredictable, killing him would be predictable. I dunno what crazy plans Remender has for Warren but putting him 6 feet under seems too much of a cop out!