The Fight Site

So I've been working on my fight site for some time now, and receive close to no visitors, save for the friends I pester from time to time.  Now, my site isn't going to be the definitive answer-making machine for who would win every single fight that I create on there, but it will, in time, provide us with valuable insight into just how powerful each of the characters, people, teams, etc. that I include are.  Each fight is randomly selected, and each round, the combatants are filtered into smaller and smaller groups based on how they perform match after match.  It's simple mathematics that will ultimately determine equal matches for everybody.  In the meantime, they should get more even, on average, round by round.  You vote for who you believe will win, and the characters move on to their respective categories based on those votes.

Maybe one day I'll start writing out the fights in story format, but only if I get enough visitors to the site.

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