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I do find it strange that Kitty is always dating someone named Peter. I wonder why....

Anyway, out of all of those relationships, I think her relationship with Colossus was the best developed since it seems like nowadays they are just randomly hooking her up with someone instead of really developing those relationships like they did with her relationship with Colossus.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Oh yeah! Kitty and Logan can still have that father and daughter relationship while respecting each other!

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@hawk2916: I agree. There are a bit too many titles out there nowadays.

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@avenging_x_bolt: You mean Jean Grey and Cyclops? Oh, they don't have to be exclusive. I actually wouldn't mind if they became friends for awhile which is something I didn't see much after they broke up or whatever.

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@awesomeperson: It's probably because the real Jean Grey hasn't been resurrected yet. I don't know, I kind of like the idea that Jean Grey is still dead because at least it shows that a comic book character can stay dead. But on the other hand, I also wanted Jean Grey and Cyclops to hook back up together.

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Hoo boy.....there's so many things I wanted to retcon in the X-Men Universe, but here are some things I would retcon:

1. The Phoenix Force: I would definitely had it set up where the Phoenix Force wasn't just a cosmic energy that goes after anyone, but is really a type of power that only relates to Jean Grey (just as they originally wanted to set it up as). I felt that it made the stories even more confusing when other characters got the power, even though they weren't telepathic and the Phoenix Force just became a plot device rather than something personal that's happening to Jean Grey (which was why I loved the Dark Phoenix Saga since it explored the emotional turmoil that Jean was experiencing when she got the Phoenix Powers).

2. Genosha/Decimation: I personally would have only gone with one of these story lines since it didn't make any sense to me that we had to have two story lines where a large number of mutants got killed off by Sentinels or other forces of nature. It just felt like they deliberately wanted to kill off so many mutants because there were so many X-Men characters as it was (even though it was stated that that was the reason why they did Genosha and Decimation).

3. Not have Professor Xavier manipulate so many characters during his time: I always felt that they ruined Professor Xavier's character when they kept having story lines where he would invade people's minds or manipulate them to do his bidding. Maybe they could have had a couple of instances where Professor Xavier did do nasty things to other people, but I would rather create stories where he redeems himself from these acts rather than make him worse and worse over time.

4. Not reveal so much about Wolverine's past or add more to his past: I always found Wolverine to be a pretty interesting character when we didn't know that much about his past, except a few bits and pieces here and there about what he used to do in the past. Revealing so much about his past only took away the mysteriousness to his character and I would had it set up where he does slowly regain his memories, but it's not really a huge part of the plots in the stories. Also, I wouldn't add so many odd things to his past that didn't seem to make any sense such as the fact that he might be over 100 years old, which I think is stretching his character a bit too far.

5. Schism: Yeah, this whole event was too rushed out and I would have had it set up where instead of Wolverine being the one to argue with Cyclops about using children in battle, it should have been either Storm, Beast or Kitty since the story would have made more sense if they were the ones that stood up against Cyclops about what to do with the children since they are more pacifist characters than Wolverine.

6. Avengers vs. X-Men: The WHOLE EVENT! For one thing, they made the X-Men look like villains where it was understandable that they were trying to save their race. I would have had it set up where the Avengers and the X-Men were actually working together to train Hope for the Phoenix Force and then the Phoenix Force ends up consuming Cyclops' group, forcing the Avengers to fight them to protect the world. That would have established more emotion in this story if the Avengers were getting along with the X-Men and they were forced to fight them, even if they didn't want to.

7. Colossus being Juggernaut: Even though I don't like the idea about one of my most favorite X-Men characters being in the risk of being killed, I think that a better job could have been done with this story. I would have had either Colossus become the big bad of the story line due to being possessed by the Cyttorak or have him develop a secondary mutation. It just felt like they weren't going anywhere with that story line and it had a lot of potential to be something great or bad for Colossus' character.

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If Jean Grey ever came back, I would like to see her friendship with Storm again. That was pretty nice!

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Wow! Awesome!! I was immediately sold on Nightwing being in this show!