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@Twentyfive said:

Word. I was so excited to read Static in September, since I grew up with him since the 90's. Then he got the creative team that he had. I had to stay away. The wait for a new Static will be an excruciating one.

What I will do, is probably commission some Static drawings, since I have money to burn. Yeah. That is a good idea.




Does DC even bring back canceled titles?

That's what worries me whenever they bring back a character, but they have the worst creative team to do it. Sometimes, it's just hard for me to read a comic knowing that my favorite character is being written poorly.
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This would be difficult to pull off because Kitty Pryde was a major part of this story and she wasn't in First Class. So they would have to find a way to introduce the second generation X-Men into the sequel.

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@Vance Astro said:
Here we go... 
  • No more Death, Mantle swap, or Name change gimmicks
  • Consistency regarding powers and previous showings 
  • No more events for at least 5 years 
  • Making better attempts to sell characters whose books keep getting cancelled 
  • Less whoring of popular characters, every cameo should have a good purpose  
  • Making changes stick. If you make the bold decision to kill a character or depower them, leave it that way. 
  • No more clones, and legacy characters. They are pointless. 
  • Team books have to focus on more than just 3-4 characters. Everyone has to get their moment to shine.
  • If Deadpool and Squirrel Girl are going to remain joke characters they shouldn't be a part of Earth-616  
  • More creativity, less trying to answer what DC does, and just creating good comics
Best suggestions ever!
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@One_Eye said:


@Imperius_Rex said:


I want every member of the X-Men to die...

Hear me out!

We need a new team. I'm thinking the last of mutant kind as well.

I love the X-Men, It would be rough but I think I could go for that actually!

I have thought of that, would be interesting...Marvel would just wish em back somehow ha!

Marvel needs to do something extreme and this seems like the only solution. I never understood the discrimination towards mutants in a world where every other person has super powers. The idea is outdated and i'm tired of Marvel's complete lack of consistency. Remember when the world was new to mutantkind? THOSE WERE THE GLORY DAYS!

Y'know that's why I miss what Grant Morrison was doing in that he made mutants part of the mainstream, he made it cool to be a mutant. He wrote mutants so that not every single one of them had combat-grade abilities and were rather weird and bizarre. I'm not looking forward to the aftermath myself. At first I was really digging this whole plot twist with the P5 but now it's just devolved into another predictable mess.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I thought AvX would have gotten better after the P5 plot, but it seems to fall a bit now.

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Does this mean that Uncanny X-Force will be cancelled also? I know that Rick Remender is writing both Uncanny X Force and is about to write Uncanny Avengers, so I'm not sure how this will work out.

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I hope they get back together. They were such a great couple and I can't believe Marvel would split them up like that. I guess we'll have to see when Marvel NOW comes out.

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@Superguy0009e said:

I'm still singing kumbaya till ShadowHawk returns.

Me too!

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@cuddles666 said:

@Lea_Drago said:

I've had a terrible feeling in my stomach the past couple of weeks about the fate of Emma Frost during/at the end of AvX.

What'd be your reaction if she died?

I don't feel like she's been utilized enough (though her role in the Dark Reign/Utopia storyline was awesome). I would be mildly disappointed, but not as much as I would if Cyclops died. If I had my way, Wolverine would be the one to die at the end of AvX because I want to see what Marvel will do without the ability to run five Wolverine books at once. I'd like to see what they'd do to compensate such a massive absence.

I agree with this and not because I hate Wolverine, but because it might allow Marvel to tell more stories with other characters without having Wolverine be involved in everything.
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@x_29 said:

I do not think i will care after AVX. I honestly cannot look at the X-men ( or the avengers) the same way anymore.

I agree. It's going to be hard to look at either team the same way again unless they do something astonishing.