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I wouldn't mind if Kitty and Colossus were best friends for awhile though. I just hate the way that the writers are always breaking them up without a logical reason.

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@GhostRider29 said:

I would also like to see someone give Colossus his own comic series. Idk if there's one out there, but that'd be pretty bad ass IMO.

You've read my mind! :D
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If the writing is bad and I get no enjoyment out of the comic, or worse, if it pisses me off, I stop buying it. If its an ongoing like Wonder Woman or Captain America, which are title I buy regularly, I will go back to it when the crapfest is over and a better writer is on board......and I will act like the events that occurred while I stopped reading the title never happened (I know its kinda like burying your head in the sand, but I don't care.)

I do the same thing too. I usually don't mess with the title until a new writer comes in and there's a lot of praise for the comic that the new writer is on and if it's something I don't like, I just pretend it never happened.
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I think that multiple titles could ruin a character if all of the titles portrays that one character differently and there is no consistency in that character's personality.  Like for example, Wolverine's character is constantly being changed and it's getting harder to notice who he truly is.

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I hope they don't get together too soon I mean it could only have been a month in comic book time it seems like she's getting over pete pretty easily. But you know what they say "Out of sight, Out of mind".

Pete's more interested in his sister anyway.

Draw a painting Colossus, it will last longer.

To be fair though after all she's been through, if Illyana was my little sister I'd be concerned about her aswell. Also I don't know how Kitty can be angry with Pete for becoming the Juggernaut. Who the hell wouldn't want to be the Juggernaut?

On topic it seems as though Bobby/Kitty is coming out of nowhere I don't really remember them being that friendly before WATX.

I agree. I think that they forced this idea instead of letting it developed like it should have. Kitty and Colossus all the way!!
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Magneto - 30 (+2)

Amelia Voght - 74

Scanner - 17

Unuscione - 35

Senyaka - 30

Frenzy - 72

Rusty Collins - 27

Polaris - 15

Exodus - 10 (-2)

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@jrock85 said:

It really frustrates me when I see well-written, character driven stories being shunned by fans while mindless rubbish like AvX dominates. I'm really starting to lose faith in the comic book readership.

I agree.
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What were the odds that this event will probably lead to this?

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@Rickbarry said:

@Rabbitearsblog: Eh, who knows? I think there's a pretty good chance Kitty and Colossus will end up back together as their whole breakup seemed retarded to me. It's not as if he cheated on her like Scott did with Jean. The only reason she had involved him sacrificing himself for other people. It's what any real X-men do. Why not have them together for more than 15 issues where someone doesn't die, fly off into space or have to save a city and or mutant race from a possessed Juggernaut? They're actually pretty good together.

I agree. I love see Kitty and Colossus together. It would be a real shame to have them break up like this instead of a very logical reason for them to break up.
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I've noticed that so many relationships in the X-Men universe are breaking up so fast (well this has been going on for a long time). 
Emma and Cyclops are close to having a breakdown (I think judging by the future covers in AvX)
Rogue and Gambit have long broken up
And now Kitty and Colossus have broken up
I wonder if we will ever see any of these couples together again...