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@Crimsonlord53: @papad1992: Im not sure they ever made this totally clear in Schism but the reason Logan had changed a bit and wanted the kids out of harms way was due to events in his solo book where he was forced to kill a number of his illegitimate children who had been trained with the express purpose of killing him. That traumatizing event coupled with his longstanding fondness for kids it would make sense that he would want to keep them out of the fighting not only so they dont end up dead like his own children, but also so they dont turn out like him.

Add to that the mutant suicide in Gen. Hope, Zero's reaction to said suicide, and AoA jaunt in X-Force where his alternate daughter is murdered by alternate him and Wolvie + kids only gets worst. So yeah, looking at the bigger picture he was pretty traumatized. Which is why I say it's not completely meh writing.

That's what I didn't like about Schism was how they never really addressed these issues Wolverine had. Everything would have probably made more sense if they had actually addressed these issues.
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I would like to see how Colossus and Gambit joined the X-Men in the next seasons since the final episode did show them being apart of the X-Men. I also want to see if the X-Men would rescue Colossus' family since Magneto kidnapped them.

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Me too. And I also love Jim Lee.

Somebody kidnap Joss Whedon and Jim Lee and force them to work on X-Men for the rest of their lives...


I second that!
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He hasn't even had the power for a year yet. And Marvel isn't going to let him have the power forever. He got the power in the first place to probably add some desperately needed vitality to the character. Just my opinion on that last point though.

I agree. I think that Marvel wanted to do something different with Colossus, so they gave him the Cyttorak powers to see how it would go.
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 Colossus getting his heart ripped out in Ultimate X-Men. How he was able to survive after that is beyond me...
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I think that Clark and Lois will get back together someday. As long as the stories start developing their relationship with each other instead of forcing them back together, it should turn out fine.

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I'm not really sure although I don't think Marvel would let him be the Juggernaut forever and I think it all depends on either the conclusion of the AvX event or if Marvel plans doing more events in the future with him.

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yeah,i agree. magneto is NOT made to be a good guy. he was the coolest bad guy,but now he's just a really lame good guy. and personally,i'm still really ticked about killing off nightcrawler and replacing him with the AoA nightcrawler. everyone thinks he's so cool and and whatever, i think he's a violent JERK!!!!

I really don't understand why they have to have AOA Nightcrawler in the stories.  If they really want to make 616 Nightcrawler's death truly memorable, then they shouldn't have replaced him with an alternative version of himself.
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Marvel has lost me for a while because of their crappy stories and bad characterization. It's been happening for a couple of years now. The only thing that I read from Marvel is Ultimate Comics ( all three of em) and that's because at least on the stories and characters stay consistent. I've also been pulling more for DC and Image as well as the occasional comic here and there. But I tend to stay away from Marvel. They're still spinning their heads cause The Avengers film did not bought any extra fans to the comic. The reasons are obvious: too many books, too few writers and the quality is decreasing. All they need to do is make good stories. No big crossover events, just good stories.

That's what I'm definitely looking for also.  I could care less about how many events Marvel brings out because all I want is good stories, which was what they were trying to shoot for early on before the whole AvX event interrupted the flow of the stories.
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I agree with everything you said. Marvel is putting out too many events lately and the worst part about it is that all of the books that either deal with X-Men or Avengers have to get tied in all of this.  I understand that for an event to be relevant to the universe, they have to at least tie in the event in some of the books, but the AvX event itself won't explain the whole idea of the event and you have to read the tie-ins just to figure out what is really going on, which I find very disappointing because I might not want to read the other books at all and I expected the event itself to tell the whole idea of the story.