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I have a question to ask everyone: If there was a chance that the older couples that you enjoyed in the past would come back together again (Cyclops/Jean Grey, Kitty/Colossus, Rogue/Gambit), how would you change the development of their relationships in order to make these relationships interesting again?

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Do you think that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has affected the story lines in some of the comics?

I personally think that there are some positive and negative aspects to this. For the positive aspect, I think that it did a brilliant job in bring unknown characters (like Guardians of the Galaxy) to the big screen and making them more well known with the public (the same with Iron Man in a way). A negative aspect would be the constant switching of teammates in some of the titles in order to fit in with the movie universe, especially if you had grown attached to the past group.

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@thespawnofazazel said:

@v_scarlotte_rose: then why havent they made a cartoon about iceman teaming up with elsa from frozen? family friendly cartoon for everybody

Probably because it wouldn't make sense for them to make it. I could easily see Frozen cartoon or an X-Men cartoon, but certainly not a Frozen/X-Men cartoon.

Yeah, that probably wouldn't make sense anyway because the X-Men cartoon could be too dark to make a crossover with Frozen, unless they make the X-Men cartoon campy or light hearted.

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@hawk2916 said:

I think people are backing off the constant weekly purchases and may be waiting on the trades. I know I've had to do this because i was really getting fed up with pacing and just getting fatigued I guess. But trade waiting has been the best thing for me in this case. I think some of the writing is contributing to the low sales and quite frankly people just dont see paying $4 for a comic that only really gives you about 16-20 pages of actual story.

I usually just buy the trades if the issues start getting into a huge story arc that would require me to buy so many issues just to understand the story. That way, I would have the entire story in my hands rather than go out to the comic book store all the time and get each issue for the story arc.

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Has anyone really wrote a "bad" Colossus, tbh? I like the big Russian, but he's vanilla. His personality is just kind of stoic, calm, and peaceful with occasional joking here and there, but he can come out and be cold at times in battle. Idk. Maybe I'm brain farting, but he just seems like the character type that can be hard to screw up. I mean you can obviously write takes that make him seem better than how he is consistently, but you could have him in an entire run and not say anything aside from a few grunts here and there amidst battles and it wouldn't exactly be a "bad" take on him because of his character type. He's just very 2-dimensional in most cases I guess would be the best way to put it. He has been getting more love and depth, though, in recent years, IMO.

I agree with this! By the way, I haven't been keeping up, but has Colossus come back in Amazing X-Men?

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@teerack said:

I liked the MU better before the end of the Heroic Age.

I forgot, when did the Heroic Age started?

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@rabbitearsblog said:

In your opinion, who wrote the best and worst Colossus?

For me it's:

BEST: Claremont, Whedon and Brubaker.

WORST: Aaron

Claremont, Whedon, Scott Lobdell, and I guess Brubaker..

didn't Aaron only write him as the Phoenix?

I think he did, although I was sure that he wrote Colossus somewhere else, but I can't really remember what issue.

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Even though I'm glad that DC/Warner is making more movies in the future, I just hope that these movies are good in story telling and character development and I hope that they don't just put out the movies for the heck of it.

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@koays: I actually agree with you. Personally, I don't usually look at the numbers on how well a title sells, I usually look at the quality of the title and decide if the title is worth picking up or not based on the story being told. You can have the title be the highest selling series ever, but that doesn't mean that the title is any good. Some of the best titles I've read were normally under the radar since sometimes they don't have to go through being pressured to bring out a good story every few weeks.

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I guess the reason why Rocket Raccoon sold so well was because it was a #1 issue and Guardians of the Galaxy happened to premiere around the same time the issue came out.