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I say it should all depend on the characters and stories they are using. While I like the idea about Warner Bros giving a more serious tone to their superhero movies, I also think that they should have some humor to balance out the characters because having too much of one or the other, whether it be serious or humorous, can end up being too repetitive in the long run and Warner Bros should be careful about making all their movies too serious because then fans would complain about the tones being the same way in all the movies and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the characters' motives anymore. So, I do think that there should be some humor added to some of the films to give the DC films more diversity in terms of tones for the audience, but not too much to make the stories too campy to the point where the audience can't take the characters seriously anymore.

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I think Spider Man would work well in the MCU since he has a lot of ties in New York. As for joining the Avengers, I would rather Spider Man have a couple of solo films first before he joins the Avengers or maybe not join the Avengers per se, but just work with them on a couple of missions without joining them. The X-Men might be a bit more difficult because there's still that debate about how come they are mistreated poorly compared to other super beings who have powers and are not mistreated by humanity. Also, the X-Men has so many characters that it would be complicated to get focus on every single character if they happened to appear in the same film as the Avengers, whose roster is also growing with each movie.

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Oh my god...this is sad news indeed. R.I.P Robin Williams, you will surely be missed.

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I hate arrow, it's too unrealistic and cheesy. And I fear Flash and Gotham will be the same.

I feel the exact same way, only Constantine seems to be engaging/entertaining enough to be watchable, and it's the only show that will do it's main character justice.

The CW live of cheesiness and love triangles, i hate the fact that the writers choose to throw away the classic Green Arrow/Black Canary in favour of Oliver/Felicity just to make the "Olicity" fans happy. And to make it worse Stephen Amell even stated he doesn't see a future with Laurel (the real reason they even created Sarah it was beacuse they saw the lack of chemestry between them). If they wanted to make a good show they should had cast actors that worked well together. One of the reasons i liked Smallville back in the day it was beacuse Tom Welling and Erica Durance worked as beliveble Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Things like that doen't seem to exist on Arrow

I have a feeling that they might have Oliver and Felicity date each other for awhile, but like with Smallville, they might hook up Black Canary and Arrow in the end since they did hook up Clark and Lois Lane towards the end of Smallville, even though Clark was dating Lana in the earlier seasons.

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I chose Batman the Animated Series since that show really defined my view on Batman! The Justice League comes in a close second though (love Flash)!

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Wow! Lots of interest in Flash! I really can't wait for the TV shows this fall!

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Which upcoming comic book series are you looking forward to the most in the Fall 2014?

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