Race for the Cure Part 4 (X-Men Fan Fic)

Title: Race for the Cure Part 4

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: T - some bloody violence.  
Summary:  When Mr. Sinister infects Wolverine with a lethal power sucking ooze that slowly takes away his life, Kitty and Storm must find the cure before it's too late!
Notes: Please be gentle with the criticisms!


Chapter 6: All’s Well that Ends Well…

Once the Blackbird reached the safe comforts of the Xavier Institute and landed gracefully on the field, Kitty Pryde and Ororo Munroe both flew out of the Blackbird and ran towards the Infirmary with the Luna flower in their hands.


“HANK! HANK! We got the flower!” yelled Kitty as she and Ororo burst through the infirmary.


Hank quickly looked up from the limp body of Logan and said, “Good! You two have just made it in time! I’ll go ahead and quickly make the cure.”


Hank then took the flower from Kitty and then went to the counter that contained some medical materials such as a measuring cup, a stirring spoon and some water to condense the contents of the nectar in the flower.   Hank took the following materials to make the cure with and started putting the flower and the water together.   Five minutes later, Hank produced a small cup that had some blue liquid that was actually the flower crushed up with the water and he immediately went over to the limp body of Logan on the table.


“Alright, now all we have to do now is to let Logan drink this antidote and he should be better in no time.” Hank then gently opened Logan’s mouth and started pouring the antidote in his mouth while he continued talking. “The effects of the antidote should start working right away.   The nectar of the Luna Flower can easily cure any kind of disease in a rapid manner, so Logan should start moving right about…now.”


Once Hank finished pouring the antidote in Logan’s mouth, no sooner than he spoke, Logan started to stir a bit and then his eyes started to open slowly.


Kitty and Ororo looked on in surprise and then Logan slowly opened his mouth and said, “Man, what hit me? A bus? And why does it feel like there’s fur in my mouth” Logan finished, slowly licking at his mouth.


“LOGAN!” Kitty yelled and leapt at Logan, who looked on Kitty with surprise.


“Oh it is so good to see you well, my friend!” said Ororo, hugging Logan.


“Did I…die or something?” asked Logan confused.


“Almost.   But luckily, Kitty and Ororo had made it just in time in rescuing you from a near fatal catastrophe that could have ended your life instantly,” said Hank.


“Gee, thanks for the reassurance, Bub,” Logan muttered.


“We actually thought that you wouldn’t make it! Oh man! I’m so glad that you’re alive!” said Kitty happily.


“Alright everybody! Let’s let Logan rest now that he’s no longer under the effects of the Azura ooze that Mr. Sinister put on Logan.   By the way, what happened to Mr. Sinister?” asked Hank.


“Mr. Sinister will not be coming down anytime soon,” said Ororo smiling.


“Yeah, let’s just say that he was blown away by the failure of his master plan,” said Kitty giggling.


“Well, if he ever comes back down, he’s going to be sorry that he ever messed with me,” said Logan menacingly.


“You’ll go on your vengeance trip later Logan once you’re well rested. Now good night and sleep tight,” said Hank smiling mischievously.


Logan scowled at Hank and laid down to rest.


“Well, all’s well that ends well I say,” said Hank, “Let’s let Logan rest now.”


“Alright,” said Kitty and Ororo and they both went out of the infirmary leaving Hank to tend to Logan.


Later on out in the field…


Kitty and Ororo went out into the field and both sat down quietly on the field.


“We did well today! I never would have thought that we would have defeated Sinister like that!” said Kitty proudly.


“Yes, it was truly a remarkable battle today,” said Ororo happily.


“I’m just glad that Logan is still alive through all this.   I don’t know how things would be like without him,” said Kitty.


“I could not agree anymore Kitten.   We have indeed saved Logan from a fate that could have ended his life and that is because we are X-Men and we will never give up the fight no matter how hopeless the situation looks,” said Ororo wisely.


“Yeah, that’s why I love being an X-Man.   I never would have thought that we could be saving lives one after the other. It just makes me feel so great that we could actually save lives and do our best,” said Kitty.


“As do I, Kitten. As do I.” said Ororo, hugging Kitty.




Somewhere in space, Mr. Sinister was fuming with fury after his failed attempt at taking over the world.   He was just thrown out towards space after Storm used her wind storm to blow him away from Mount Everest, thus preventing him from destroying the very thing that ruined his plans, the Luna Flower.   Once Mr. Sinister got far enough, he was able to teleport himself safely to the abandoned space station before hitting the ozone.   Once at the space station, Mr. Sinister began plotting for another way to take over the world, while fuming at the X-Men’s success at thwarting his plan.


“Curses!   My most inventive plan ruined by just two X-Men!   And now, I no longer have anymore Azura Ooze to create more green orbs to steal the mutants’ powers!   Well, I may have lost the chance to take over the world this time, but next time, I will rain terror on the X-Men like they have never seen before and the X-Men will regret the day they destroyed my chances of world domination!”


Mr. Sinister then laughed evilly and turned to go into the darkest depths of the space station, with his blue cape flowing, thinking of what kind of destruction he could put upon the X-Men.

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