Race for the Cure Part 3 (X-Men Fan Fic)

Title: Race for the Cure Part 3

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: T - some bloody violence.  
Summary:  When Mr. Sinister infects Wolverine with a lethal power sucking ooze that slowly takes away his life, Kitty and Storm must find the cure before it's too late!
Notes: Please be gentle with the criticisms! 

Chapter 4: Mr. Sinister’s Plot




In the abandoned space station located in the isolated parts of space, Mr. Sinister is now deviously working on a new invention that would help contain the powers stored in the green orb he now possesses. Mr. Sinister was ecstatic to learn that his invention, the green orb, was working perfectly as it successfully took away all of his nemesis, Wolverine’s powers and render him helpless.   It wasn’t hard to find the substance contained inside the green orb that helped make all of this possible, which was known as the “Azura Ooze.”   Mr. Sinister had done some research on an ancient civilization of aliens who used this ooze to conquer their enemies by taking away their powers and rendering them helpless.   He has also learned that the ooze was contained in a titanium box that was thrown out into space to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands; of course Mr. Sinister thought that the alien race was fools in throwing such a dangerous weapon into the nether regions of space not knowing that someone will one day find it. The moment that Mr. Sinister found out about this information, he immediately took a space aircraft he had created years ago and decided to scour the nether regions of space to find such the powerful and dangerous ooze.   When Mr. Sinister came upon a titanium box that was floating around in the depths of space, he immediately grabbed the box using the power cords in his spacecraft and pulling it inside the craft.   Once Mr. Sinister got the box to open up, he carefully retrieved the blue liquid and started using it to pour into the green orbs he had created for this very purpose.  


Mr. Sinister smiled in a menacing manner as he made adjustments to his newest invention, the mutant power enhancing device that would take the green orbs that possessed the blue liquids inside them and enabling him to control whatever powers he has stolen from a mutant or if it ever comes to this, an alien, such as being able to control Wolverine’s healing abilities by pointing the device towards himself and speeding up his own healing abilities ten times fold.   In other words, once Mr. Sinister points the device towards himself, he will be able to gain a new mutant ability from the powers that he has stolen from mutants affected by the ooze.


“At long last! My plans of world domination are at hand!   With this new invention that I have created, I will be able to control all of the mutant abilities that the Azura Ooze has taken from any unsuspecting mutant and use it to claim my rightful place on Earth!   Such an intelligent specimen as myself should not have to be held back by such pathetic human beings and mutants.   A person of great intelligence should be ruling over them, not having to witness the pointless activities that are going on Earth every day and not having the opportunity to experiment with the lives of these pathetic creatures.”


Suddenly, an alarm sounded on one of the computers in the space station and Mr. Sinister quickly rushed to the computer base to see what was happening.   On the computer screen, Mr. Sinister spotted a black jet plane racing through the snowstorm at Mount Everest.


“A black jet plane in Mount Everest?   Then it must be the X-Men, but what are they doing at Mount Everest?” wondered Mr. Sinister to himself.


Mr. Sinister typed down some information regarding Mount Everest and on the screen, he saw that a rare flower was rooted on the top of Mount Everest and he read the information regarding the flower that stated that the “Luna Flower,” which was the flower on top of Mount Everest can cure any disease that is thrown upon any man, mutant or alien alive.


“CURSES!” screamed Mr. Sinister, slamming his hand on the computer screen, causing sparks to arise from the keyboard.




Mr. Sinister started to calm his rage and said quietly, “No matter. I will just have to go to Mount Everest myself and destroy any “obstacles” in the way of my plans for world domination.”


Then Mr. Sinister laughed wickedly and teleported himself out of the space station towards Mount Everest.


Chapter 5: Race for the Cure!


A snowstorm was brewing fiercely at Mount Everest and any person who wanted to go rock climbing on the rocky slopes of Mount Everest was severely disappointed to learn that they will have to remain indoors until the snowstorm ceased.   However, a certain air vessel does not seem to take notice of this fierce snowstorm and zooms on through the icy winds of the snowstorm as if it life depends on it.   The Blackbird was zooming through the snowstorm of Mount Everest at neck breaking speed since its occupants, Kitty Pryde and Ororo Munroe, aka SHADOWCAT and STORM, were on a mission to retrieve a rare flower called the “Luna Flower,” which would help cure their mutant friend Logan aka WOLVERINE, who was affected by a power sucking ooze called the Azura Ooze that Mr. Sinister had found in space and used in his newest invention that involves putting the ooze in some green orbs and throwing them at unsuspecting victims.  


“Man, this snowstorm is something fierce! It will definitely be hard to find that flower in all of this snow!” exclaimed Kitty.


“Do not worry, Kitten. Once we get near Mount Everest, I will make it much easier for us to retrieve the flower,” said Ororo.


The Blackbird finally made it near Mount Everest and landed near the top of the mountain.   Kitty and Ororo then stepped out of the Blackbird and Ororo then used her mutant abilities to manipulate the weather to make a clear way through the snowstorm.


“Wow Ororo! You never fail to impress me with your weather changing abilities,” said Kitty impressed.


“Well, it all comes with knowing how to use these abilities to good use,” said Ororo proudly.


Kitty and Ororo walked for awhile in the snowstorm until Kitty shouted, “Look! That must be the flower right there!”


On top of Mount Everest, there lies the wonderful and rare flower, the Luna Flower, which was a small blue flower with yellow buds on the inside and running through the flower was the nectar that would cure any man or alien of any ailment they have.   Kitty and Ororo started to trudge up the slope when all of a sudden, a large energy beam shot out of the air and landed close to Ororo and Kitty, who jumped back in time before the area they were standing in blew up from the energy blast.


Up on the top of the hill, the snowstorm still covered the sky in white blankets, however, once the sky slightly cleared, there standing on the top of Mount Everest is a figure in a blue outfit with a blue cape flapping in the wind. Kitty and Ororo knew all too well who that frightening figure is.




“Yes! It is I, coming to take care of some “interlopers” who dare to get involved in my plans!   It seems that I have overlooked a small factor that could diminish my plans for world domination, a certain flower that can cure any disease imposed on a mutant or any other being.   But no matter, I will soon take relish in correcting my miscalculations!”   Mr. Sinister than looked around Kitty and Ororo closely and said, “Hmmm…it seems that there are just two of you X-Men to grab the cure.”


“That’s more than enough to take you down!” yelled Kitty.


“Ah! You have such a fiery spirit!   Too bad I will have to put out that fire once I destroy you!” cackled Mr. Sinister.


“You will do no such harm to her!” yelled Ororo and she suddenly summoned up a winter storm and swirl it towards Mr. Sinister, but Mr. Sinister used his telepathy to create a force field once again and started laughing evilly.


“YOU FOOLS! Do you honestly think you can defeat me?!” Then, Mr. Sinister whipped out a small device and said, “Now, witness my newest invention as I use the powers I have stolen from Wolverine to make myself invincible!”   Mr. Sinister than pointed the device towards himself and a small blue laser comes shooting out of the device, covering Mr. Sinister from head to toe. Suddenly, claws started growing out of Mr. Sinister’s hands and he seemed to emit an eerie blue glow around his body.


Kitty and Ororo looked on in horror at the spectacle they were witnessing as Mr. Sinister was getting a power boost.   Suddenly, Mr. Sinister rushed towards Ororo and Kitty and swiped at them with his newly made claws, but Kitty and Ororo both dodged the swipe just in time and as soon as she straightened herself up, Ororo started to create a shower of icicles that came raining down on Mr. Sinister, instantly cutting him up.   As the icicles stopped raining, Mr. Sinister was covered in blood, but then he let out an evil smile and his cuts started to heal immediately.   Mr. Sinister then jumps up in the air and yells out, “Ha, ha, ha! Now that you have witnessed my new powers, I will make myself even more powerful by taking your powers!”   Mr. Sinister than started throwing green orbs towards Ororo and Kitty, but luckily, Kitty and Ororo both dodged the green orbs, Kitty phasing through the orbs and Ororo sending wind storms to knock out the green orbs.  


Kitty and Ororo then ducked around the side of the mountain and Kitty said, “Man, this is getting too much! We can’t keep this up; we got to come up with a plan to stop him.”


“I agree.   We must find a weak spot on Mr. Sinister, but now that he has possessed Logan’s mutant abilities, it will be truly difficult to attack him,” said Ororo.


Kitty thought for a moment and then exclaimed, “Unless, we somehow take down that device he’s got!   It gave him the powers to heal himself and use the claws that eerily came out of his hands, but we just have to figure out a way to get to him without being blasted by him and getting hit by those green orbs he has.”


“That is true. We must find a way to reach him and destroy that device.”   Ororo thought for a moment and then said, “Kitty, listen very closely. Try phasing through the ground and try to disengage the device.   I will provide a winter storm as a distraction so Sinister cannot sense your presence in the ground. It might be extremely risky, but we cannot allow Sinister to take the powers of all the mutants on this planet and rule the world.”


“Gotcha covered Ororo!” said Kitty and she immediately phases through the ground.   Meanwhile, Mr. Sinister was searching for Kitty and Ororo around the mountainside and then he starts sniffing the air and smiles evilly, “Aha! With my new senses I have gotten from Wolverine, I can smell you X-Men a mile away and now PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!”   Mr. Sinister then raced towards the side of the mountain where Ororo and Kitty were hiding and suddenly, Ororo pops up from the side of the mountain and starts creating an intense winter storm to attack Mr. Sinister.   But Mr. Sinister starts laughing evilly and yells out, “HA, HA, HA! Your worthless winter storm cannot stop me! Prepare to say goodbye to your powers!”


“I don’t think so, trash can!”


Mr. Sinister suddenly had a shocked expression on his face and before he could figure out where the voice was coming from, a yellow gloved hand suddenly shoots out from beneath the ground and phases through the device gun Mr. Sinister was holding.   The device gun suddenly starts malfunctioning and then explodes in Mr. Sinister’s hands!


“NO! MY LATEST INVENTION IS DESTROYED! NOT ONLY AM I SLOWLY LOSING MY NEW POWERS, BUT NOW I CANNOT STEAL ANYMORE POWERS!”   Mr. Sinister looked around frantically and saw that he had one more green orb left, “No matter, I still have one last orb left to steal some powers for my next invention!”   Mr. Sinister than grabbed the green orb and threw it towards Ororo, but Ororo created a wind storm and said, “It is over, Sinister!”


Ororo then blew Mr. Sinister far off with her wind storm, but Mr. Sinister yelled out while he was spinning in the wind storm, “You may have won this battle, but you have yet to win the war! I will be back with an invention that will truly be a true threat to all the mutants in the world!”


And just like that, Mr. Sinister vanished from sight as the wind storm took him far away from the mountain.


Kitty and Ororo both breathed a sigh of relief and then Kitty said cheerfully, “Alright! Way to go Ororo!”


“You did not do so bad yourself, Kitten.” Said Ororo smiling.


“Thanks! Oh thank god! Mr. Sinister didn’t touch the flower! Now we can get it back to Logan!” said Kitty, who then walked up to the Luna Flower and carefully picked it up.


“Come on. There is still enough time to get the flower to Logan.” Said Ororo.


Kitty and Ororo then hurried to the Blackbird and just as quickly as they got to Mount Everest, they quickly took off towards New York City at a breathtaking pace.


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