Rabbitearsblog's Fan Fiction Review #1: DC Genesis: SECRET SIX

After reading Wildvine's fantastic review on Joygirl's "Gotham Hearts" fan fiction (you can check out the review here), I decided that I wanted to do reviews for various fan fictions too, so that way, everyone can get attention for their fan fics!

The fan fiction that I am reviewing today is Irishlad and Joygirl's classic fan fiction, "DC Genesis: Secret Six" and here is my review!


Story: DC Genesis: SECRET SIX

Authors: Irishlad and Joygirl


When a mysterious message that comes from Mockingbird is shown towards the Secret Six (which includes Harley Quinn, Bane, Ragdoll, Catman, Scandal Savage and Grifter), they are given a mission where they must kill the Joker. But, will the six come together again to defeat the Joker?


Now, I had read this fan fiction a couple of months ago and I had really enjoyed the set up of the characters and the mission that they are about to do. I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t read a “Secret Six” comic before I read this fan fiction, but Irishlad and Joygirl had done a brilliant job at introducing these characters (Harley Quinn, Bane, Scandal Savage, Grifter, Catman and Ragdoll), while explaining about their past histories, so it would be enough for the reader to actually understand these characters.

I loved the way that the beginning introduced the character Catman and we get to see from his point of view about how he feels about being summoned for another mission. One of the most important things about writing a fan fiction is to draw the reader into the story from the very beginning and after reading the beginning of this story, I was automatically sucked into the dark world of the Secret Six and waiting to see how the Six would react to killing Joker, especially Harley Quinn! I also loved the way that Irishlad and Joygirl arranged the images of the characters being introduced into this story so that way, the readers would have a good chance of seeing what these characters really look like in the comics.


The only con with this chapter is that there were a couple of grammatical errors, but not enough that could make this story hard to read through.


My rating:

“DC Genesis: SECRET SIX” is a brilliant read for fans of the “Secret Six” comics and if you want to check this fan fiction out for yourself, here’s the link:


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Posted by Joygirl

Awesome! ^_^ Thanks so much.

Posted by Irishlad

Yay my first review , thank you :D

Secret Six #7 is up btw if you missed it :P

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

@Joygirl said:

Awesome! ^_^ Thanks so much.

You're welcome!

@Irishlad said:

Yay my first review , thank you :D

Secret Six #7 is up btw if you missed it :P

You're welcome! I'm definitely checking out the 7th story!

Posted by batkevin74

@Rabbitearsblog: Excellent review

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

@batkevin74 said:

@Rabbitearsblog: Excellent review