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Bruce is wealthier, though I'm sure Lexcorp turns a better profit. Wayne Enterprises was founded generations ago, compared to Lex building his company from the ground up. Compound Interest is the greatest superpower of all.

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Without a bat-character this show is doomed, and I don't see WB letting the CW have Robin, Nightwing, or Batgirl.

Edit- A really cool premise would be to include Damian in the show and have him struggle with being normal and not killing everyone. It would be an entirely new type of Robin than most people know, which could generate interest and make things fun. Also 2015 is Robin's 75th.

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Daredevil could work well as a tv series. Have Murdock do his legal stuff by day with supporting cast like Foggy, and then at night he takes out the trash

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Amanda Bynes. She started auditioning a few months ago.

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I remember reading in an interview that Johns wanted to kill off Grayson in Infinite Crisis. I see a lot of similarities between these two stories, with characters from other worlds attempting to influence main earth, and think maybe he has decided the time is right to have Dick make the ultimate sacrifice.

Somehow something would have to undo this big reveal, as it would be way to easy to now determine the identity of Batman. There's no way people won't notice that Wayne's son disappears just as Robin dies, and now Grayson is revealed to be Nightwing.

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In my eyes it completely changes the character, and not in a good way. Even if from this moment on he chooses to never kill again, it fundamentally changes the way the character viewed killing. Rather than preserving life due to the belief that all people have the potential for great good, he now refuses to kill due to guilt. This new view is selfish, not noble.

Additionally, this Superman was not inspiring. A truly good Superman plot should make you want to be a better person, not dazzle you with his powers. Call me old fashioned, but I miss the Superman from "Superman vs the Elite"

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My thoughts are that Krypton and Earth are very similar to each other, therefore the predominant species on both planets would be very similar as well.

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Why is Power Girl in her old suit on this cover? Forgive me if I'm wrong, as I have not been reading World's Finest or Supergirl, but I thought that she changed suits in the New 52 and abandoned the giant hole on her chest

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Spock wakes in the morning precisely as his final REM cycle is drawing to a close. He then efficiently slips out of bed, eats a sensible breakfast containing all necessary food groups, brushes and flosses his teeth, and dresses for his role as Science Officer, as is the logical process for getting ready in the morning.

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I liked smallville, it went into some strange areas at times (Lana the witch?), but on the whole was good. The major problem that I believe it suffered from was their refusal to transition Clark into Superman. We had Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash/Impulse, Cyborg and Canary in their roles and burdening responsibility that Clark seemed to be too timid to embrace. Had the show made Clark "nerdier" earlier it might have avoided many of the recurring themes, like Clark feeling unworthy or having a "darkness", that caused the show to feel repetitive toward the end.