Stop the Adoptions!

I read a thread the other day about Tim and Cassandra getting together as a couple. It made me think of how perfect it would be to set up another on/off again couple similar to the Batgirl and Robin flirtations of long ago. The only problem seems to be that Bruce Wayne has gotten pretty trigger happy with the old adoption papers.

It all started with Tim Drake's father being killed by a boomerang in Identity Crisis. I assume that at the time Tim was about 14-15 years old, as he had spent a fairly good time as the Boy Wonder before this event. Now, I don't know about other people, but I can sure as hell tell you that I would not let myself be adopted after spending 15 years with my real father. Especially not when my father actually cared about my life and was not extraordinarily neglectful.

It seems that in the recent years that Batman has adopted literally every Robin or Batgirl, excepting Barbara Gordon. In my opinion this severely limits the story telling ability, at least on the romantic side, between the different members of the Bat Family. I know that Tim and Steph have a long history, and depending on your own opinion of the two, they may be destined to end up together. However, this should not prevent the other Bat family members from interacting together romantically, rather than making new characters or (god forbid) trying to pair Robin up with Supergirl.

So in conclusion, I think that it would be great to see a Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain couple. However, the recent trend of having Bruce Wayne adopt every member of the Bat Family is not only unrealistic in terms of real family interaction, but it also limits the ability of future writers to tell stories based on the interactions of these obviously close and intimate teens.

What does every one else think of these points? Do you think that the members of the Bat Family should be able to date without fear of incestuous relations, or would you rather have the various Robins and Batgirls get involved with other Super Families (such as Superboy/ Supergirl) or with entirely new characters that may expand on the Bat mythos?

Posted by JediXMan

Tim and Cassandra?

Not sure how I feel about that...

Posted by DragonfireXL

Considering the fact that Cassandra is his only adopted daughter and we dont even know if that is the case in the Dcnu what other intimate relation can happen, Dick and Jason are too old for her and Damian is too young. Also Im pretty either could enter into a romantic relationship sinc they arent actually related by blood, adoption does not make it incest. Also the adoption or taking them in as a ward is Bruce's way of showing he cares, he is not good at shwoing his emotions or expressing himself, so instead he takes them in as his children. The only reasons he would never adopt Barbara is because one her dad is still alive and two she is too old, same goes for Steph. Tim and Cassandra were bothe minors who needed to have a guardian looking after them, even an absentee father like Batman.

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yeah I don't think Adoption is viewed as incest. especially if they weren't really raised together. i don't know though, with DCnU maybe they have been raised together, at which point they would be more brother and sister sure, but that is an important relationship for orphans to have.

If they are a "family" there would be a brotherly/sisterly father son daughter bond, and would naturally seek a romantic companion outside of that family.

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I guess we just differ in our opinions on adopted siblings.

I understand why Bruce adopted them, which was to show that he cares, but there are other ways to go about that. It is possible to obtain legal guardianship of a minor and not officially adopt them. I'm not necessarily shipping Tim and Cassandra, but I don't like taking options off the table. This is one of the many reasons I don't like when a writer kills off a villain or major character.

As for continuity in the New 52, I was under the impression that most things in Batman stayed the same. I guess we may find out more about Cass if she shows up in Batman Inc. later this year.

Posted by DragonfireXL

Technically that is what happened with Dick he was Bruce Wayne's ward, not son. Well in the first issue of Batman he had all of his children gathered at a party.

Posted by madmartin760

I've always believed in the same roof rule. U can't date somebody u lived with. This would include adopted siblings, step siblings, and roommates. I don't think it's right only cuz they share a father, so they should act more as family rather than just teens.

Posted by oraclefyre

Creepy. Even not blood related, it's just to close to home. Imagine if Bruce found out two of his "kids" were dating.


Wow. So kids who grow in an orphanage together can get together? How about neighbors? Same school? Can you date someone in the same city? I always thought going across state lines was bad.

I can understand that if they were to break up, that might makes the others feel unconfortable, not wanting to pick sides etc. But would Bruce really want Dick to mess around with Cassandra Sandsmark or Kara, & their uber-super powered older "sibling" figure knocking on the bat-door saying that "he'd better take responsibility".

Dating inside the Bat-family is just as good/bad as dabbling in the Arrow family, or getting with Miss Martian.

Rediculous post.