Missing the Cowl

I'm new to the site and this is my first blog post, so I'm sorry if this has been covered already.

I'm a big Tim Drake fan, as is obvious by my name, and have been following Teen Titans since the launch of the New 52. Despite my enjoyment of the series, I have to admit that I miss Tim no longer having his own title. I have loved tracking the evolution of the character, and as I'm a 90s child myself, I have always been able to relate to him. When tim transitioned into his new role as Red Robin it seemed like a great coming of age moment for the character, this is most evident by him abandoning the domino mask of Robin and taking a more Batman like Cowl.

The Cowl fit Tim's character for me in two different ways. First of all it showed that he was maturing and growing up. Abandoning his role as sidekick and embracing that of a full-fledged hero in Red Robin. The other important aspect of the cowl was that it differentiates the different atmospheres of Tim and Dick's separation from being Robin. When Dick left the Dynamic Duo it was due to him wanting to get out of Batman's shadow and become his own man, however Tim's separation was quite different. As the only person convinced that Bruce was still alive, Tim's adoption of a cowl is logical as it symbolically places him closer to his mentor. This to me is the biggest reason that Tim should retain his cowl rather than switching back to a domino mask in the New 52. It shows the differences between the two former Robins and characterizes their styles of heroism (this is also the reason I enjoyed Dick's blue Nightwing costume, but that is for a different post).

It seems as though this new representation of Tim in the New 52 has made him a younger, less developed character. What do you think of his new depiction? Should Tim go back to having the cowl as he ages, or should he stick with the more Robin like Domino mask?

Posted by Omega-Man

I hate Tim in the new 52, his costume is ugly as hell too I don't get why they changed it to the way it is his other Red Robin suit pre 52 was much better in it's design and as you have said was logical for him. I think the writers and designers are forgetting that Tim Drake is not Dick Grayson Grayson alone chose to keep the domino mask because it's lght weight and plus his suit doesn't need that much protection as he has showed with his speed and agility as an acrobat.

Tim on the other hand has a very different approach to combat and methods as he plays more on the smart side. He isn't as acrobatic as Dick Grayson hence the cowl makes sense because he wants more armour than Grayson. Even the wings in 52 Tim's suit is a little off putting as Tim isn't a high flyer Nightwing is.

Posted by BatWatch

I agree 100% with both of you.

I've been thinking, and this is probably wishful thinking, that perhaps Tim redesigned his costume in order to create an alternate identity for himself while leading the Teen Titans. After all, he has revealed his face to a bunch of kids he hardly knows. Perhaps he's trying to build an alternate identity that he can burn when his job as leader of the Teen Titans is done. This would explain him living in some random Tower and staying away from the rest of the Bat Clan. Probably, these issues are just bad writing on Lodbell's part, but I find that I like my theory better.

Posted by r3d_rob1n

@PsychoKnights: I'm not sure how this alternate identity would work, as he hasn't disguised his true face in any way. Is your hope that after this arc in TT that he will abandon the Red Robin identity completely, or just go back to the old look?

Also, is this Teen Titans story arc supposed to be in real time with the other books in the New 52? I ask this because in the first issue of Batman the facial recognition identified Tim as being a member of the Teen Titans. It was just last issue that the team was officially named, so do you think its possible that this is meant to be set at an earlier time in the New 52? Maybe they will pull a Justice League and have the next arc skip ahead to the future, restoring the relationships of the team and giving Tim back his original RR costume.

Posted by BlackArmor

I agree with the Blog and the first comment (not so sure about the 2nd and 3rd ones though) the only thing I can add to what has been said is Hell Yeah for the 90's and Hell Yeah for Tim's cowl