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Abilities & Weaknesses

  • Matter Absorption: Graft has the ability to replace body parts with limbs , strips of skin or organs taken from others. However unlike some who share this ability , The attached limbs , strips of skins and organs do net decay instead existing in perfect balance with the rest him. He seems to be able to replace any part of his body as well as noted in the injuries section. The method of Graft's ability to do is different then some who can instantaneously reattach the parts of another living creature to themselves instead Graft has to sew his new body parts on or in the case of internal organs inside himself.
  • Superhuman Durability : Along with the ability to replace served limbs and damaged organs , Over the years graft has shown the durability to continue moving after a plethora of small arms fire though his movement afterwards was shown as being difficult and rather slow.


  • Decapitation: Since Graft's powers only seem to work when his new limbs or organs are sewn on to him or into his body , Decapitating him would cause him to lose the motor function to sew. However by the same token , It's currently unknown whether or not another person could sew his head back onto his body.