CVnU: Its not Us vs You

A lot of angst and disappointment have been expressed concerning the formation of a rebooted universe. And without an actual thread for users to openly voice that concern the gap between the disenfranchised and those wanting to participate have grown which does not, and will not, benefit anyone. So if you bare with me I'd first like to share some things that I think are important pertaining to the CVnU as well as giving users a place to ask "some" questions as well as moderately voice their opinions.

I'll start by saying this, I can promise those of who worrying about the effect it will have on your character that, it will have no more effect then an Rpg you've decided not to participate in. I understand that the word Reboot (for whatever reason) stirs up some heated emotions as users immediately think the stories, canon, and history, they've worked hard to create will be lost. But I can assure you, they will not. Instead of calling or thinking of it as a reboot, think of it instead as an Alternate Universe Rpg. Cause thats pretty much what it is, an expansive Rpg set in a different universe. If no one had mentioned the word reboot, if no one had said anything about an Alternate U, if someone had just one day created an Rpg set in a different Universe with specific rules in the OP, no one would have said anything. Lets be honest, people would have gone into the Ooc and said, "Looks awesome" and "Good Luck." But once that evil Word got dropped (Reboot), panic set in.

Another concern may be that those wanting to participate in the Alternate U rpg will abandoned their main accounts and that will indirectly effect other people. A valid concern but an unnecessary one. No one is going to wipe out their main accounts just as no one is leaving or turning their backs on those who continue to rp exclusively with their main account. Rpgs for both Universes can, and still will, be coordinated through Pms and thread conversations. People are still going to interact in the threads, Rp in the main U, reply to users and comments that strike their interest, bullsh!t for hours on end in Rpg threads with off-topic banter. Its not going to change.

I'd like to give you an example. I recently made a "Walking Dead" rpg. Technically, is that not an Alternate Reality Rpg? Its here on the Vine but its a World/Universe all its own. There's no canon connection, no pre-exesting history, no powers. Some people joined, some didnt, some made new accounts, some didnt. But everyone involved is still active in the main U. Its the same principle.

The goal here isnt to divide, it isnt suppose to be a "Use against Them." The entire notion of "well you support the CVnU I'm disappointed" is lost on me. I dont get that. Its suppose to be an outlet, an option. A Universe (all be it an expansive one) set aside for people who want to build a U from the ground up. Everyone here makes Alts (or at least most of us). Why? Cause an alt allows for something new, a new direction, a new way of writing, new ways to interact. The CVnU is only expanding on that same principle only now its the Universe that is an Alt. New places, new rules, new everything.

Users can even look at the new set of guidelines that will hopefully be incorporated in the CVnU and decide if those would also work for the main U. "Oh hey, thats a good idea I think I'll use that in my next Rp." The important thing is that nothing is forced on those who wanted to keep their canon and history. We thought that was the major complaint.

"We dont want a Reboot." okay, we'll create a separate Universe rpg for those who do "No no we dont want you to do that either."

Can you see how that would be discouraging?

Like I said, I get it, canon and history are important. You dont have to tell me about the work you put into your character I know all about it. Which is why the idea that those who support the CVnU are simply abandoning their canon doesnt make alot of sense. It will still be here, your canon will still be here, they'll still be here.

You yourselves could start some dialog about how to change things in the main U that are perceived as problems. You can even ask the same people who participate in the CVnU for help, input, concerns, ideas, etc. Theres no reason why there has to be a real life line drawn between users on the Vine just because there is a fictitious one between fake Universes.

For anybody who actually read this, if you have some questions or just want to post an opinion feel free. Questions about the CVnU sadly will be limited as it is still in the early stages.



Sandra Woosan is Here *SPOILERS

The New 52 version of Lady Shiva finally made her first appearance in the pages of, "Nightwing #0" and she was Beast Mode. I gotta start off by saying the Comicvine Battle Threads are a constant ping in the back of my mind every time I read a comic. I can see the arguments and comments before they're even posted and reading this issue was no different. But I'mma say it.....Lady Shiva beats Robin and Batman one right after the other, and it was a great couple of panels. Immediately I'd like to run into the Battle Forums, find every Batman vs Shiva thread, and say, Now what! Wont happen though. For although her victory was great story-wise (should be enough right?) its filled with context that any seasoned CV debate specialist would use with surgical proficiency to dismantle my fanboyish claims. Before I get into that though I wanna say that New 52 Shiva seems just like the old one (its early still but there are positive signs).Shiva comes across as methodical, cold, and calculating. She talks as if she's always testing, always teaching. And nothings changed here.

Okay back to the context. As I stated earlier Shiva defeats Batman and Robin, but here's the problem (as it pertains to the battle threads), Shiva poisons Batman before the fight. Which......IS F'N hilarious. Why? Cause for years in the original DCU Shiva would get defeated via pre-fight poison every time she appeared. Paybacks a b!tch lol Sadly this diminishes/taints her destruction of Batman. She then goes on to destroy Robin. Which is to be expected he's young, he's fresh in his first Robin costume so of course he gets beat down. So feat wise DCNU Shiva still needs some work, but dayumn was it a good first showing.

A couple things worth mentioning:

Already has a reputation
Throws Shuriken faster then Bats can dodge
Still refers to Robin as, Little Bird. Then proclaims she can make him better


As you can tell I could all but give a damn about Nightwing, honestly. Its all about Shiva baby. And her first Post New 52 appearance was everything I hoped it would be. Now someone go help Dick and Bruce clean up, they're embarrassing themselves.


The Path of the Bloodbender

"It Begins"

Obsessed with obtaining the highest forms of martial arts abilities, the apex of combat, Jean Luc LeBeau journeyed to South America to find a mythical bibliotheca said to contain the greatest literary works in existence. He spent countless hours examining ancient texts and scrolls deciphering the codes needed to unlock the darkest arts of the combat World, including the outlawed form of Bloodbending. An ability to control, distort, and manipulate the fluids inside the body. With deadly application one could boil, freeze, crush, pressurize, or even extract the blood of any opponent he or she faced. Long since forgotten, and even further sill un-mastered, Bloodbending was considered fantasy with only the oldest of clandestine martial artists retaining memory of the technique. One such Si-Fu was the Dark Arashikage, exiled member of the secretive ninja clan who had trained Jean Luc as a child. Sensing the boys great potential for evil the Arashikage hid their knowledge in the Shadow Fang catacombs beneath their Sand Temple. It was while researching the method in the Great Library that the Aristocratic Assassin not only discovered the location of the Dark Arashikage's prison, but that through his experimental abominations with the form, he had prolonged his life. Igniting a full scale archeological expedition funded by Jean Luc with reckless disregard for capital. However, although alive, the legendary Si-Fu had long since gone mad from centuries of unlit isolation, but not all was lost. Inside his putrefied antechamber the secrets of several Chi based techniques had been meticulously diagrammed along the walls. Over ten lifetimes worth of lost information decorated the fallen one's cell in analytical detail. A wellspring of dogmatic indoctrination had effortlessly fallen into the Cajun's lap. Establishing the his fallen League of Shadows directly over top of the Si-Fu's prison, Gambler had the means and resources to rebuild his empire passing down the base forms of the Arashikage to his assassins while concealing its darkest forms for himself. Destroying the prison as well as the crazed Si-Fu elevating himself through the use of forms only he knew existed. Before his death, Si-Fu, through a brief moment of clarity, revealed that although he was unable to personal pass down the art of Bloodbending, there was another who could from beyond the grave. Weaving a fantastic tale involving the Italian philosopher, Niccolo Machiavelli, and his lost tomb. Propertied to contain the missing documents required to master the Bloodbending technique.

Metaphysical Martial Arts:

Uncovering the exiled Arashikage has granted the self-proclaimed King of Kings a new wealth of devastating combat techniques which he has methodically incorporated into his already impressive combat arsenal with flawless ingenuity and finesse.

- Chi-Blocking -

This endowment allows Gambler the ability, through perfectly placed strikes along the body, to cut an opponents connection to his or her Chi by rendering specific muscles useless. In other examples it has the capacity to disrupt meta-human and super-human abilities. A master of this form is capable of going toe to toe with an opponent of far superior power. Light finger tipped strikes can penetrate dense metals, armor, skin, and even force-fields. (Classification: Un-mastered/Learned)

- Landscape Mapping -

With seismic vibrations carried through the ground Gambler is able to perceive his surroundings with echolocation visibility as long as the target is in contact with the Earth. (Classification: Unmastered/Studied)

- Airmanipulation -

Original utilized as an offensive weapon by the Arashiakge, the Living Legend has since modified this ability to elevate his elusiveness. Transitioning his mutant telekinesis through his body allowing him to evade attacks with unprecedented cinematic acrobatic prowess and theatrical agility. Transforming his movements into unpredictable classifications of innovation. (Classification: Mastered)

- Bloodbending -

The outlawed technique of the Arashikage and latest object of the Cajun's self-absorbed quest for dominance. The form and style used by a Bloodbenders mirrors the movements of a marinate who dictates his puppets maneuvers with choppy rigged hand gestures shaping his opponents body with violent contortions in which the opponents own body fluids are highlighted and manipulated against their host. Its teaching was forbidden due to its extensively evil foundation and focus on unmitigated lack of moral sensibility. With this abolished technique Gambler can cook, freeze, extract, or pressurize any and all liquids inside his opponent, even quelling ones internal organs. As a sub-catagory, Bloodbending does have applications in the field of healing as well. But that knowledge was lost along with its more sinister counterpart. (Classification: Unknown.....)

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The Jim Lee Matrix

Its all about the Iron Dragon in here. Just some random yet to be seen, favorite, or downright badass Lee pics. 



 Silk Spectre

 JLA #11


 Sketch/Concept - Blackhawk craft


Blackhawks - Lady Machine



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Gambit vs Captain America

Not a bad fight in my opinion, however there seems to be some confusion now as to whether or not Gambit can charge organic material. It was earlier shown and stated, he could. Gambit himself makes the claim after charging Sebastian Shaw, and then we see him do it again when he charges Daken. But now here comes the Cap throw down and well, you'll read ;)

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Meet the new Wonder Woman(S) Wait, wha?

In the latest TV Guide issue  they reveal (it may have been revealed before this, just sayin) that the current Wonder Woman tv show will portray the DC Icon with three separate identities. Wonder Woman the Amazonian Princess, bespectacled wearing Diana Prince (is she now Clark Kent?), and Diana Themyscira, owner of Themyscira Industries (Bruce Wayne anybody?). So basically its a combination of Superman and Batman's alter egos mixed in with Wonder Woman. Or at least thats my interpretation. I hope I'm wrong but I have a really bad feeling about this.


The "Lady Shiva" Respect Blog

Deadly, elegant, and complicated, Lady Shiva may very well be the greatest assassin in the DCU. She is the mother of Cassandra Cain, grand daughter of the legendary O'Sensei, and former member of the League of Assassins. Here are some of my favorite Lady Shiva moments.

  • Unarmed and caught by surprise, Lady Shiva kills twenty ninjas with one shot each.

  • Learns a Dozen New Styles a Year.
  • After a Great War with Conner Hawke Shiva proves to be his superior. But my favorite part comes at the end when Lady Shiva displays her somewhat unorthodox code of honor. Owing a life debt to Robin, she honors it by sparing her defeated foe.

  • According to Batman, Lady Shiva is a Master of ALL fighting forms
  •  Pre-Crisis Shiva was introduced in the original Richard Dragon series. She was often depicted as his equal.


  • During the Blackest Night arc Lady Shiva makes an appearance just to test her skills against a Black Lantern, Vic Sage.

I'll add more as time goes on.
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Blackest Night: Teen Titans #78

  Teen Titans: Blackest Night #78 picks up directly where issue number 77 left off, with the Wilson Family "Battle Royal" in full swing. Beginning with a small, yet surprisingly detailed recap of Jericho's journey thus far. Personally I've never been a fan of this character and sadly, this issue does little to change that. Having said that, there are some interesting developments that occur do to Jericho's ability to transfer himself into another person's mind. An ability that was previously thought lost when deadly mercenary known as Vigilante, gruesomely removed his eyes. ( Vigilante #6: Deathtrap Conclusion)

In one of the flashback panels we see that Jerhico is no longer as helpless as previously believed, and survives an initial attack perpetrated by his dead brother, Grant Wilson (now a Black Lantern). Fast forwarding the story continues with Deathstroke, Ravager (Rose Wilson), and Jericho, locked in an epic confrontation with several former family members including Jerhico's mother Adeline Kane, and Deathstroke's former mentor Wintergreen. Rose and Jericho battle the two former Ravager's ( Wade DeFarge, and Grant Wilson) and appear to be losing. Rose is filled with fear until her father, Deathstroke, drops down through a hole in the floor to save the day. To be honest this was one of my favorite panels. Instantly Rose is filled with love, which is strange seeing as how in the last issue she was there to kill him. Seems no matter what Slade does Rose cannot help but to love him.

As you might expect Deathstroke is not filled with love, at least not yet. He's filled with "will" and "rage" and is not playing around. Creating enough space and opportunity to usher his kids into his "panic room" which is stocked full of weapons and monitors. It is in this room that Rose makes a comment about Deathstroke having another "hitlist" to which he responds, "Its not what you think." Could this be a subtle hint pertaining to Deathstroke's new " Teen Titans?" Could the list of names be possible candidates for his new and improved team? Keep an eye out.

I am not going to spoil the whole issue but there is a "holy sh!t" moment towards the end. One that I am sure will have Deathstroke fans wanting more. All in all I'd give this issue around a 3 out of 5. It wasn't the greatest comic but it did leave you with a cliff hanger and some deep character development. Expect to see a new side of the DCU's most methodical mercenary.

Character's to Watch

 With the New Year just around the corner, I decided to take a quick moment to speculate on the future(s) of a couple characters who I believe are posed for major changes in 2010.

 Norman Osborn
First up, Norman Osborn. How much longer can he sustain this illusion of sanity? It is only a matter of time before he completely snaps, and now it appears as if he is spreading himself (and his team) to thin. Emma Frost and Namor are gone, Doctor Doom has launched a preemptive strike, and as if he didn't already have enough on his plate, Osborn has set his sights on Asgard. We all know that it is not a matter of "if" Norman falls, but "when."

2010 is going to change the Worlds of quite a few characters in the DCU, and perhaps no one more so then Dick Grayson. The current Batman. But with Bruce Wayne set to make his return, what will the road hold for Dick? It took some deep soul searching for the former Nightwing to even take up the mantle in the first place, but now that he has, and kept Gotham from completely devouring itself, will he simply step aside?

 Gambit, or Death?
My final pick I admit is somewhat bias. Gambit, has recently returned to the black skinned white haired look he made famous as the Horsemen, Death. Its been over a year since Gambit returned in X-Men #200, apparently cleansed of the process that altered his appearance as well as his abilities. However as fans flipped through the pages of X-Men: Legacy #229, it did not take long to see that all is not well with the silver tongued Cajun. With his transformation never fully explained, and his sudden reversal back to the Black Side, will Gambit once again become a villain in 2010? And if so, will it be the final straw? Would the X-Men ever be able to welcome him back if he were to turn to the Dark Side yet again?

Who are some characters you expect to have big stories, or impacts in 2010? Feel free to speculate on the uncertain futures of those characters you feel will make a major splash in 2010.
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