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Real Name: Quentin Karaii ('Quinn' Karaii)

Supername: Quintessence

Identity: Attempt at secrecy

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Hair: Light brown (umber)

Eyes: Orange-brown

Age: 22

Height: 5'7

Known Relatives: Estranged from family due to bipolar disorder. His aunt Gail will occasionally take him in when Quentin's at his worst.

Job: Multiple in various fields, never holds one down for long.

Mental state: Severely bipolar. He fluctuates between periods of manic action (absolute dedication to whatever his pet project of the time is, increased heroic activity, doesn't sleep), and severe depression (suicidal, commits petty crimes [primarily robbery], largely inert most of the day). In the past he has been frequently institutionalized, though rarely for any length of time. He's generally okay when he bothers taking his medicine.


Quentin possesses a form of chameleonism. If he touches an object, he can mimic its coloration. However, it gets more bizarre. He can also take on the composition and traits of that object. If he touches a rock, he can be rock. That's not so peculiar. But if, for example, he touches a gun, he will copy its workings; in other words, he would be able to fire bullets from his hands, mouth, etc. If he touches a camera, he will be able to produce photos. If he stops physical contact with an object, he can retain these abilities for about 15 minutes. The change itself takes a few seconds to spread over his entire body.

There are no known restrictions to this ability. Energy and organic objects work the same way as inorganic.



Other stuff

CVNU ORIGIN: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/quintessence_/the-heart-of-the-matter-cvnu-origin/87-88098/