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About Me

Name: Skylar Trace

Alias/Identity: Darkblade

Age: 23

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Short feathered brown hair (same style as Yuna's from FF X-2)

Build: Lean with arm muscles and a six pack

Race: Caucasian

Occupation: Ex HYDRA terrorist who's now a mercenary soldier

Martial Status: Widow

Personality: Skylar is a tough random tomboy who keeps her emotions bottled up to stay strong for whomever she works with. As she wants to be the one who keeps everyone hopeful and positive just like a born leader does for the group. Skylar has a witty random humor she uses to keep people laughing. Despite her gender she's more masculine than feminine due to her growing up with mostly male role models such as her father Michael who taught her to never take crap from anyone. When it comes to honesty she has the balls to speak up without holding anything back. If she hurts someone's feelings she could care less as she finds people too dramatic and whiny as she says to weak people they should "man up".

Outfit: Skylar wears a black sleeveless with a red Nightwing symbol on the front of it with a female chest binder under the hoodie so no one can tell which gender she is. Leather fingerless gloves for her hands and wears khaki-colored capri shorts along with black and white Converse sneakers.

Distinguishing Features: On Skylar's middle section of her back is a huge tattoo of the Nightwing logo in red while her right wrist has a tattoo of a rose wrapped around a sword.


Skylar Trace, an ex terrorist enhanced with super soldier serum who worked for the organization HYDRA. She never mixes business with emotions as she needs to thrive to survive. Born and raised into the Gotham City slums she learned how to fend for herself as there were a lot of gangs around the alleys that gave her a rough time. When she was just 11 years old her childhood friend Forest, an expert at martial arts, trained her to prepare for HYDRA as Skylar wanted to work there for the high payroll so she can take care of herself. At the age of 13 she got accepted into HYDRA as they were impressed with Skylar's skills and eccentric witty personality. Over the years at HYDRA she fell in love with a hacker aspiring video game programmer Ryder who happened to be Forest's brother. Once they both became legal adults the two got happily married until a tragic event would happen.

After being away from Gotham City for three months on a business trip Skylar returned to see Ryder who retired from HYDRA at the young age of 19. On her way home in the pouring rain she saw Ryder and the mobster Lucian Zacchara under a bridge. To get more closeup to their conversation Skylar used stealth and hid behind a garbage dumpster that's close to the bridge. Ryder looked pale as a ghost as he was shaking as if he was going through anxiety while Lucian looked calm and steady as a beating drum. Ryder ended up retiring early because he became a mobster and used his career as a video game designer as a front cover to make him look good on legal documents. Skylar was so stunned and felt like the man she fell in love with became unrecognizable and began to question if everything he told her was a lie. She was very tempted to get out of hiding to question Ryder but decided to remain hidden to listen to more of the conversation. Ryder has been dealing drugs around the city as he's being blackmailed by Lucian or else Skylar would never see daylight again.

Lucian reaches in his jacket slowly getting out a revolver. Ryder falls to the ground in his puddles of tears begging Lucian to spare his life. Skylar being unequipped wasn't able to do anything but watch this painful moment she had to endure like a young child getting a shot at the doctor's. Lucian took out his gun looking Ryder point blank in the eyes and shoots him. Lucian then walks away seeing that his task is finished. Skylar runs to Ryder and shakes his body back and forth like a blender crying out his name. Ryder slowly opens his eyes as he has little energy left and wraps his arms around Skylar's neck bringing her closer to his mouth and whispers " I love..you..sorry..for..everything. " Ryder then dies in Skylar's arms as she screams for him to come back not believing that he's really dead.

Skylar vowed to never be apart of crime again as she would serve crime with justice so she quit HYDRA and became a mercenary freelance soldier. Forest and her don't talk too much as Forest blames Skylar for Ryder's death however, Skylar still protects and stays in Forest's life as she feels obligated to due to their connection with Ryder. Skylar still considers Gotham to be her home however she's hardly there as Gotham holds memories of the past that Skylar wishes to move on from. So she takes on the new identity of 'Darkblade' and travels around the world to help others.

Powers and Abilities

Empathy - Skylar is able to sense someone's emotions if she's near that person.

Sensitivity To Sound - Ever since Skylar was a little girl she's been able to hear what people whisper and can hear things

from even a mile away if she concentrates enough to block out the other sounds to hear it.

Psychic - Sometimes Skylar will have dreams that eventually happen in the future as if her dreams foretell what will happen.

Intelligence - Due to Skylar being married to a hacker she knows a bit about hacking and computer coding.

Strength - This comes somewhat naturally considering Skylar has been fighting since she was 11 however, she was enhanced

with super soldier serum when she was in HYDRA so she's more strong than an average human.

Unarmed Combat - Skylar is able to fight without weapons as she's an expert at martial arts.

Armed Combat - If you give Skylar any blade weapons she can do wonders with them especially if it's a sword.



Phoenix Power

Super Speed


Buster Sword - Skylar usually uses this sword as she was given this as a present in HYDRA.

Rambo Knife - If she ever needs to use a tiny weapon she uses this knife to slit people's throats.

Revolver - She usually carries one in the pocket of her capri shorts.