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I remember comic from the 90s that touched up on this point. Two Supervillains were talking one had retired and decided to be a regular mobster or something, the other was a new guy. The retired one made a comment like "First thing I learned as a villain, the costumed heroes aren't law and when they catch you it makes it easier to get out thanks to loopholes.' So yeah they stop the criminal in the comics, but make it easier for him to go out and do it again.

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I want to know with the newest movie announced, does Fox own the rights to Vance Astro? Here is a mutant that has never had anything to do with the X-Titles, ever. But is a mutant so do they own him as well?

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I loved Tick Tock, interesting char and could be a good leader of a villain group with his powers. Too bad he will forever remind me of a stupid song. :(

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Well considering some of the rumors going around about the After Credits Scene in the Avengers it would make some sort of sense for a GotG movie. I would love it, especially if Adam Warlock is in it!