Playing Catch-Up

After a long hiatus from comics I'm finally back in. Here's a list of books that I'm catching up with. Any recommendations are very welcome as I've missed out on a lot (almost all of Trinity of Sin for starters) and any good jumping on points would make transitioning into other titles smoother. I still have about 20 books to pick up at the lcs but that'll have to wait as I'm trying to stick to a budget for once. :-)

List items

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never heard of absolution, will look into it

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Welcome back. :)

Looks like quite a list for you to be catching up on -- Alex + Ada is pretty good and Lazarus I have been enjoying (although I am a couple of issues behind on it).

I don't know much about DC but Thor's book has been fantastic.

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@lykopis: Thanks! It's weird coming back into comics after being out for so long but I love it. XD I read issue 3 of Lazarus last night and really liked it (the relationship between the two Lazarus was really well-done) and am glad to hear that Thor: God of Thunder has held up well as I stopped reading that right around the end of the god bomb arc. I'm torn about the Phantom Stranger as he's one of my favorite characters but was done so horribly in the New 52. I want to drop the series but it's the only way I can get a regular dose of the Stranger. I know Didio isn't writing it any more but I hear he had a way of disregarding characters' histories back in the 90's when he was at Marvel.