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I've been getting a lot more trades lately. This week I'm waiting on Harbinger Deluxe Edition Vol 1 and Captain America: Winter Soldier, in preparation for the movie, of course. I'll try to do an updated photo if I remember as I've bought Think Tank Vol 1, Inhumans, and Spawn Origins Vol 1, and a few others over the past month or two. I'm also reading Preacher now, but they're all a friend's copies. I may buy my own. Yes, yes I know. I'm waay behind just now reading it, but it's been a ton of fun. :-)

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@donovan_montgomery: Hmm. That does sound right as I've uninstalled and reinstalled comixology on my Kindle fire a few times and have to be logged in to read anything besides recent purchases. Not sure you can print them off to have a physical copy but with having to buy better quality paper to use, not to mention potential copyright issues, I'd rather just get the physical copy that has the digital code and Marvel's done a great job with that combo. I've replied to a number of old threads before realizing they were old. It's strange how quickly time can fly.

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Enough entertainment to get it from Red Box and too much obvious cg.

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@xwraith: Better late than never.

"Just" finished watching the latest (and extremely boring) episode of the Walking Dead.

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@comiczilla: Well, I too have been going more the trades route so I'm down with it.

@arcadiaexeter: That's not a bad thing. I wish I could stick to one blog. :-)

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@blazinasian112: Thanks! This thread just gets better and better as people share more and more of their awesome collections. Nice video as well.

@batfamfangirl: No worries! We're just here to share our love of the medium... with pictures. :-)

@arcadiaexeter: Took a look at your blog. Good stuff, there. I take it you're a fan of Lobo... (jk)

@hamill_190: That's quite impressive for two months of reading.

@petermed51:Thanks for sharing! I'm also going the trade route, mostly because of the money perspective and the fact that my preferred LCS is in a different city.

@kilomac29: Very nice, jealousy inducing setup, especially that Amazing Fantasy poster. :-) It sucks that your LCS is going out of business

@emh_bruce: That's actually pretty nifty. Neat!

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@marcosvergara14 said:

Until now just once while reading Batman and Robin #18, when Bruce found the letter my tears found the way out

Same for me, except I think I lost it at the very end when he broke the case that held Damian's costume and stood silently holding it. That part reminded me of the touching moment he and Damian had after the business with NoBody and he told Damian he was proud of him. I did almost lose it when Alfred broke down-he's the real backbone of the Bat Family. I wrote DC a long letter about that issue as it affected me that much.

There are some really good examples here, and the scans really help to drive the point home. Thanks for those.

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@matchesmalone21: Thanks. I'll have to check out that link. I'm only up to issue 15-ish, but I don't feel like the PS series is any better, really. I don't wanna drop it, though.