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@donovan_montgomery: Thanks for sharing the vid. I had more of those books than I'm proud to admit. :-)

@emh_bruce: Nice backdrops there. I wish my room were as tidy as yours.

@deadcool_xd: Ah, COA's. Those remind me of the 90's. Thanks for sharing.

@cbishop: Much respect. :-)

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I'd say it was good. The pacing was a bit off as it seemed to drag for a fair bit of the movie and I wish there'd been more actual monster fighting, but it was still pretty solid. I got to see him use his atomic breath a few times, the last time in a supremely awesome way, and there was no hideous Godzuki so I was happy with it.

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I'm still really excited to see this. I haven't been this excited about a movie in a long time. I hope it lives up to my hype and expectations. :-)

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Hmm. Well, I'm surprised it's taken this long for The Phantom Stranger to get cancelled. In my opinion, it's not been written well since the New 52 started, even after Didio stopped writing it. Me thinks he functions best as a team character than a solo one nowadays. That being said, that teaser cover is pretty cool looking.

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I like it.

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Haven't read any of these, but they look fun.

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@basketcasey23: You're welcome! And I'd have to agree that the people here are amongst the best kind of online community I've ever been a part of.

@piofneptune: @risingbean: @iaconpoint: It's always good to have "old timers" here as well. :-) We can be quick to forget that they weren't always nearly as accessible as they are nowadays.

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@basketcasey23: I'm sure you'll find your way around but if you have friend's who know your taste that can make reading stuff you're more likely to enjoy a heck of a lot easier than trying stuff at random or doing a whole bunch of research on your own. Best of luck to you, welcome, and have fun!

@the_tree said:

I grew up on the cartoons, and specifically had an affinity for Teen Titans and Batman: The Animated Series, so that was the first spark. In elementary school, I got started reading comics with Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog books and then sort of fell out with it. With the surge of comic book movies, I eventually got deeply into it with books like Doom Patrol, Blackest Night, and Booster Gold.

Got my first comic book out of a serial box when I was really young (still sitting in a shopping cart at the grocery story), and read some because of shows like: 60's Batman, 90's X-Men, and Batman: TAS. Stopped reading regularly but still read here and there, but Age of Apocalypse was the last thing I read before getting back into comics around the time Trinity came out. o_O That was overwhelming, for sure, but I haven't regretted it, for the most part. :-)

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Heh. Pretty entertaining.

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and it that's not bad enough