• Date joined:2009-07-10
  • City:New Herosime City
  • Gender:Male
  • Alignment:Good
  • Points:522 Points
  • Ranked:Currently Disabled


History and Origin


Born with all of his father's powers, plus invulnerability, this superhero can beat any villain. After his older brother, Benjamin (Red Widow) was taken over by the Carnage symbiote, he has been trying to find a cure for the permanent bond. Along the way, he joins S.A.G.E. (Super Angels God Enforcers). He is one of the core members of S.A.G.E. Unlimited. His love interest is Alicia Hardy (Shadow Cat). Later in his life, he gains God Powers which are:
-Energy and Elemental Manipulation
-Various Energy and Elemental Rays from Eyes

Characteristics and Stats


Height: Differed; Original 6'9
Weight: Differed: Original 200 lbs.  
Eyes: Differed; Original Green
Hair: Differed; Original Mostly Light Dark Brown Black Side Hair
Race: Differed; Original Caucasian


Secret Identity: Quenjamin "Quen" Benjamin Parker
Aliases: Quenjamin Parker, Quen Parker, Quen, Q, Q.P., Spider-Boy, Spider-Kid Webbor-Man, Web-Man, Webster, Power-Man, Red-Widow, White Widow, Spider-Man, Man-Webbor, Captain Q, Captain Quenjamin, Captain Parker, Cosmic Webbor-Man, Negative Webbor-Man, Wonderous Webbor-Man, Super Webbor, Iron Webbor-Man
Universe: Earth-982
Marital Status: Married
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Adventurer, Superhero, Photogragher, leader of S.A.G.E. West

Powers and Abilities

Agility: Infinate
Equilibrium: Equal to that of the universe
Genius Intellect: Infinate
Invulnerability: infinate
'Precognitive' Spider Sense: Any danger or battle he is currently in
Strength: Infinate
Speed: Infinate
Web-Shooters: Infinate
God's Powers: Infinate

Known Relatives

-Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Father, deceased, revived)
-Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Mother, deceased, revived)
-May "Mayday" Parker/ Spider-Girl (Sister, deceaesed, revived)
-Benjamin  "Benjy" Richard Parker/Red Widow (Brother, near deceased, deceased, revived)
-Amanda Bynes (Cousin)
-Alicia "Ali" Hardy-Parker/Shadow Catana (Wife, deceased, revived)
-Richard Parker (Grandfather, deceased)
-Mary Parker (Grandmother, deceased)
-Benjamin Parker (Great-Uncle, deceased)
-May Parker (Great-Aunt, deceased)
-Kenjamin "Kenny" Peter Parker/Spider-Boy, White Widow (Son)
-Ralicia "Ral" Felicia Parker/Spider-Girl, Cosmic Widow (Daughter)