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I enjoyed the way he was portrayed in Batman the animated series movie Heart of Ice. It set him apart from any common thief that uses ice or unhealthy fascination with diamonds like they how they seemed to change his story with The Batman cartoon (the one where clayface was his friend that was disfigured by Joker.

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Isn't Beast an Avenger now?

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I am really going to miss this show. it was really campy and to tell you the truth was a different type of cartoon from what other superhero cartoons were. Some of the more serious cartoons seem to try to be funny which to seems kinda out place at the time, where the jokes in this cartoon was very charming due to it's style.

To tell you the truth this makes me sad to see Batman the brave and the bold is ending. With Mark Hamill retiring his voice of the Joker, I think I'm going to cry...

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I think it depends on the circumstances.