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Short & Sweet Review 0

 Here:See it.See it.Watch out for cameos of Hawkeye & Luke Cage.See it.See it.**** **** is in it! but read two points down.See it.Wait till after the 10 minutes long credits (yep even after those long black out ones....) TRUST ME STAY IN THAT CINEMA BITCHES.See it.See it.HIS CHEST.See it.The effects are captivating and eye orgasmic.Last thing ( to contrast the review above) SEE IT IN 3D. SERIOUSLY, BEST 3D FILM I'VE EVER SEEN. well maybe because I went to the West End cinema ...

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The Good, The Bad and The Art 0

GOOD.It's defo all female power in this issue! Ice returns from the dead, which is quite exciting. Accompanied by the epic battle of Secret Six vs Birds Of Prey, which is slapstick yet great at the same time. Especially loved the double page end with ALL BIRDS OF PREY MEMBERS (PAST+PRESENT) The highlight of the issue? Harley vs Misfit.  BAD. Spy Smasher! WTH? I preferred the fillet plot [Secret Six Battle] to the actual plot. I mean, who gives a stuff!? Badly portrayed and the worst fight in his...

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