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Posted by Liberty
  1. Supergirl has has a ton of changes.  (See Image)
  2. Fantastic Four: I like the the matching uniforms for teams.  I with the X-Mean would go back to the Blue and Yellow too.
  3. Zatanna looks great.  Remember the 80's. I wouldn't want them to go back to that.
  4. Gambit:  There are some things they could do but He looks alright.
  5. You are right about Superboy.  Funny thing though I am wearing this costume to a Halloween party this year.
  6. Harley is a classic.  I am afraid of changing her!
  7. You are right here.  As Peter Griffin said "It insists upon itself"
  8. Don't know her.
  9. I thought they did a good job in the movies.  I always hated his look until the movies.
  10. I really like the way they incorporated Ted's uniform here.  
Here are some off the top of my head I think they should change:
  1. Superman: Get rid of the red panties.
  2. Wonder Woman:  Put something on.
  3. Flash:  I just want him to wear a running shoe.  Knee high boots are just not senseable.
  4. Spectre:  He wears shoes, panties, gloves and a cower.  He should be arrested.
  5. Mon-El: Looks like his walked out of the 60's.
  6. Roy Harper:  Nice stealthy BRIGHT RED costume.
  7. Silver Sorceress: I mean come on.
  8. Alan Scott: His costume looks like a bright Viking outfit.
  9. Al Pratt:  He reminds me of the gimp from pulp fiction.
  10. Magog:  He is just lame.
Edited by queenfrost_

I thought of Superman and Wonder Woman, but Superman's is iconic and Wonder Woman's recently changed. + I love Mon-El too much
And the thing with Supergirl is the fact im only talking about Kara Zor-El who has only had that one costume. All other versions like pre-crisis and others, have had different.
And I didn't mean Zatanna's 80's one, I just think she should have something suitable rather than some chepa magician fancy dress csotume.
And Harley Quinn's new look in GCS is really good, I think she should stick to that

Posted by Liberty
@queenfrost_:   Still Friends? =]
Posted by SC

FF Four have upgraded their look, its much nicer now, and Emma is getting a minor make over as well. Some Marvel Editors must have been browsing your list!  
Oh, Gambit really needs to keep the jacket though! Those things are really handy when it comes to brooding and conning people. Poker games as well/ 

Posted by queenfrost_

Woah...looking back on this is funny because they ALL got new costumes